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It was your birthday and Your mom surprised you with BTS tickets, the concert was near where you lived. 1 hour away.. 15 days of waiting for the concert to arrive it finally did.!
You arrived at the place and you were so excited.. AFTER the concert you were so lost in your dream of love.. You lost your mother... You tried looking for her but then something caught your eyes, it was Taehyung (V) he asked you, "Hey Army Why are you over here your going to get in trouble".. You responded, "I lost my mother".. He looked at you and said, " your cute, let me help" Then the next thing you know his arm was around your thin neck and you *blushed*
After a 30 minutes went by Taehyung said," I need to go to the toilet wait out here okay?".. You said back, "ok" but you didn't do as you were told because Jungkook caught your eyes.. He was shirtless he was still changing and quickly covering your eyes you suddenly heard "ay you don't have to cover you eyes" it was from Jungkook... He came towards you and said, "Why are you here?" You responded "Im waiting for Taehyung" he looked at your eyes and said, "come with me" you next said "okay knowing that V was in the Bathroom still".... Jungkook the grabbed you and put his arm around your neck and you thought *Jungkook is different, he is more rough*
Forgetting about V you left.. V came out of the bathroom searching for you and then saw you leave with Jungkook and he said" aish she could've been mine".. V being pissed off at Jungkook suddenly yelled out "JEON JUNGKOOK".. Jungkook turned around and said "She's not your's she's mine now" with concern you starting crying.. V saw you first and ran over, Then Jungkook pushed V away and said "Hyung don't touch her she's mine" and you blushed and stopped crying.. V pushed you out of the way and Jimin notice that V and Jungkook were fighting over you.. Jimin grabbed you and said "Come with me, lets get away from these two jerks." You turned around and Jungkook and V spotted you with Jimin... Jimin started running but you were too slow so he lifted you off the ground and soon Jungkook and V slowed down and was far behind now..
The next thing you knew Jimin left the building and it was raining really hard.. You said to Jimin " Oppa you didn't need to help me" but Jimin responded "yes i did, love at first sight" and you were shocked... When you and Jimin arrived in the next building he took off his coat and shirt to warm you and said " here" you saw his Tattoo he just got and he saw you looking at his abs and asked" do you want to touch it" and you responded with shocked and embarrassingly you said "yes".... And Jimin saw Jungkook and V by the Door and They Saw you touching his abs The next thing you know Jungkook Was shirtless and his flat tummy abs was pushing Jimin and then V came in with his tummy.. And said to you " Lets go" and you said "no!" But he carried you away... Pt. 2 coming soon!!! β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜‚
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lmao thus is funny ㅏ믄ㅁ