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So you asked Yugyeom when is he coming over but u didn't know he was already on his way.
When Yugyeom wants your attention he will send you cute pic of him.
Yugyeom always asks for your opinion when he's about to go out.
He always tell you how much he misses you.
ONE SHOTS It was 11 a clock pm and yugyeom took you to a park. He told you how much he wanted to take you to this park. So you and yugyeom we're taking a walk around the whole park he found a place to sit. He took his phone out and took pictures of you so when he goes on tour he can look at your pictures. Yugyeom will be leaving in 3 days for his tour with got7. He wants to spend as much time as possible with you. So finally it hits 12 a clock e sends you home but before he leaves you gave him a peck on the cheek and said be safe babe. Yugyeom smile and blush and he told you that he'll pick you up tomorrow.
Jackson baby! Yugyeom was good. Thanks. I love all of GOT7.♥
Jackson has to be hilarious though😂
Lolzz asked my coworkers who is handsome and they both said Jr.
Why are my favorites at the end?
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