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Hey buff Vinglers, I am curious as to who seriously lifts on here (it doesn't have to be competitively). Anyone from Oly Lifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, or just those who like to smash weights on a regular basis.
By the way the photo above...that's me! ^^ I used to be a collegiate powerlifter, and I had been on a long hiatus but now I am back lifting weights. However, I am no longer competing.

If you do lifts weights -- comment on this card!

Also, it would be great if you can introduce yourself in a card, add a photo, and publish it in 'Fitness.' :)

@alywoah yes I love lifting did legs today and was like why dont we have legday parking? that is wheel chair acessable lmao😂💪
Ya tu sabe nena.
@jason659 niceee!!! Hiii!!!!! Thank you :) :)
I cavalierly lift weights.
@ZacharyPasano heyyy nice to meet you lol. Thanks for the disclaimer haha
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