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I watched Death Note a while back but I'm keeping a good memory of it. I've got to admit that Rito has inspired me a little, not by killing people, but by the way he puts into place strategies to escape from L for instance. So, DN lovers/haters: bring your arguments on!
This was one of the first anime I watched. Always a favorite~
*a human skull rises from the ground, popping up into my hand. The skull flattens and turns to black leather as a purple aura of necromancy dances around my hand. I then hold the blank Death Note out to you, it's title shining into existence on the front page* Here you are, Shinigami Erza.
I think that Death Note did a lot of things right with the way L and Kira's character dynamics built and played off of one another
@erza1205 lol actually it's one of my favorites. Right up on par with Tokyo Ghoul and Future Diary. I'm a huge horror/ thriller/ supernatural anime fan!
@erza1205 No problem! 💀
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