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Marks POV After being cursed out by JB for slowing down the group today again, Jackson being irritated huffed onto the practice room and threw his stuff down in the empty chair next to him. Mark couldn't help but have his gaze drift towards the younger boy. It had been two days since Mark had asked Jackson to accompany him when he left the group and the younger boy over the short time period had started to avoid him not like Mark was much help with the stunt he pulled this morning. Mark slid down the wall in the farthest corner of the practice room and let out a sigh because he was an idiot. However besides the issue he created this morning Mark couldn't fathom why Jackson was acting this way. Maybe the younger boy disliked the older boy now. Pain shot through Marks chest at the thought of it because it wasn't a secret that he cared for the younger. But it was also known that Jackson didn't return Marks feelings. Another pain rocked throughout Marks chest leaving the older sadder about the current tension between himself and his younger group member . I'm completely hopeless aren't I? "Yo Mark!!....Hyung"? When mark looked up he was shocked to see Bam Bam staring at him with a worried look on his face. "Huh". "we are about to start practice, we've been trying to get your attention for five minutes now". When Mark gazed around all of his fellow group members were getting ready for practice to begin. Bam Bam turned on his heels and stalked towards the stereo. Why does he act like everything is such a struggle? "A" blasted through the speakers in the practice room as a warm up before the hard core practice began. As Mark danced to the beat of the music he noticed that Jackson wasn't dancing with the group of boys. when the music finally stopped all Mark heard was the beat of his heart thundering in his ears until he caught his breath. "Have any of you seen Jackson or JB they both missed the warm up and its unlike JB to do so"? The other group members weren't surprised that Jackson was M.I.A but they were surprised JB wasn't there since he worked the hardest. Mark returned to the his corner of the practice room trying to ignore the edgy thoughts that were beginning to form in the back of his head. At the same time trying to swallow the burning jealousy easing in to his throat. "I'll go look for them" Junior offered. Mark pulled his knees to his chest letting jealousy slip away and guilt form above it. This is all my fault. Jackson was probably being yelled at by JB right now because of what mark had done. His mind flash blacked to JB telling him to wake up Jackson, to tell him practice started earlier today, to the note that mark wrote saying it started to hours later... so that Mark could be selfish and avoid Jackson avoiding him. I'm sorry Jackson please forgive me. Just as junior was about to leave to look for the both of them Jackson walked into the practice room with his eyes red and Puffy. Its my fault. With one glare Mark he grabbed his bag a turned around to go out the door but before he left Jackson turned around and looked straight at Mark and in return the older looked back. "Do me a favor Mark and leave me alone". That's all Jackson said before he stormed past JB and slammed the door behind him. JB looked at me with disappointment on his face and then to the other group members signaling that they should that they should continue with group practice but as i went to join the others JB stopped me. "i think you should sit this one out you've done enough for one week don't you think"? i gave him a apologetic but confused look as to what else I've done wrong this week. "i know about you leaving the group, Jackson told me... look i cant tell you what to do but you should really apologize to Jackson he's your best friend". At that moment all my frustration from the past two days broke out of me and i didn't care what any of the groups members thought , i needed this baggage of of my chest. "I NEED TO APOLOGIZE!! HE HAS BEEN IGNORING ME FOR THE PAST LONGEST, HE IGNORES ME WHEN I TRY TO TALK TO HIM LATELY, IF ANYTHING HE SHOULD APOLOGIZE TO ME....he knows how i feel about him and he ignores my feelings and laughs them off..." Mark began pouring tears his face heating up with each drop. "Look all I'm saying Mark is that you should just give him some space okay?" i grabbed my bag and get up from the corner with all eyes on me. "Don't worry that is exactly what I'm going to do".
i was going to make this all lovey dovey but i changed my mind but don't worry there will definitely be a lot of romance and I'm thinking about having people from other Kpop groups involved but I'm not a hundred percent.
i also will probably post this story every Tuesday because a girls got school work stay tuned for next week @ninjamidori
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