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Ah Ri knew that Eun Seul was right. She knew that Eun Seul had blinded her, but she wasn't the only one hurting. The burden of keeping such a secret from her was too much for Eun Seul and for that she had suffered.
Eun Seul had isolated herself away once again, but Ah Ri never stopped trying to get her to hang out, to apologize for never realizing how hurt Eun Seul was behind closed doors. Then, Eun Seul was more happy, and her smile had always made people glad that she was a happy person. Then, there were no worries, no regrets and no pain. Aunt Nina, went over to Ah Ri and for the first time in her life she called her by her full name in complete regret: Song Ah Ri.
"Eun Seul was very upset. I know that you have many reasons to hate he, but please try not to take it out all on her. She deserved everything that came towards her and she told you what happened to you that day on her birthday.... but unfortunately your memory didn't last for long".
"And you took it as another avantige and didn't bother to tell me again. Such loyalty to your daughter, but yet no regrets."
"I'm sorry Song Ah Ri"
"Where is she?, can i talk to her?"
"She's home........ locked in her room. She's been like that for days now. I tried bribing her with food but she won't come out"
"You are a very pathetic person if you think she's gonna come out of her room just for food. She's stronger than that"
"Watch your mouth with me"
"And you, know the right path towards a normal life, you need it more than me"
This was a very short chapter due to classes i'm sorry.