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Hello Vingle Nakama!

I'm here to announce what the first of the Nakama Choice Awards [NCA] categories is!
(Stay tuned for further cards from the mod team! @hikaymm @tbell2 @tylerdurso @danse @voidx)


For anyone who doesn't know, OP and ED stand for 'Opening' and 'Ending' when we talk about anime.

This is about the Endings.

This particular category serves to celebrate the best of all the EDs from the 2015 year in anime.

Some anime have music that is so moving that we must take note of it. When you don't skip over the openings or past the endings to watch the next episode because of how awesome the music is, then that music has done an impressive job.
This is not the voting card! The nominations will be announced next week, and that is when the voting will happen. Though it couldn't hurt to tell us about who you'd like to see nominated, either.
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@arnelli I like that one to it's really catchy
@gabbycalzada high five
I really like the second ed from your lie in april! I'm not sure what it's called tho
I always liked the 2nd Ed from SAO ll
to me the best ED: is Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood ending 3 I just live that song