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nunk voiiii a olvidar esta parteee ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡que lindoooo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ <3
:3 Fué Hermoso! que desafio a su madre.. y ese beso *-*
Esa escena me encanto!!
ese momento uuuuuuu me super-emosione :3
Shiii! nunca lo voy a olvidar"
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Well this list broke my heart
so if ypu weren't sad enough about losing TOP to the military this year wait till you see the rest of the list seriously shed a tear and many loud screams in pain after watching it @AimeeH @creetheotaku @amortiz0101 @thepinkprincess @justinamclean @veronicaartino @luna1171 @punkpandabear @thearmycreater @kaijae @elizabethT @jiyongixoxo @aracelijimenez @josecullen  @pinkpears405 @kpopfangirl15 @electica @nikkitty @saeda320 @oliviajoseph @nysa @kaylastokes @btsarmygirl @falselove @bekahvires @blancadanica98 @jasminewilliams @shequillearmsby @mahrielle @beniecesuit @crystalblunt @rainac3 @kpopforever @kpopgaby @destiny1419 @anarose @moonchild03 @emelia @kmeier230 @mkbmccann @terratoyasi @staceyholley  @lizzeh @jiyongixoxo @carolinacastrane @dianacastaneda @nenegrint14 @stefanitre @kellyoconnor @ercument @glo86 @amandamuska @saravandorn @kpopandkdrama @xtinahsing @jkookie97 @dominiquewhitak @bizzycx @almarangel @kwonofakind @szewwy @kaikaipop @kuri10 @jupiterchen @taehyungkey @yessicacardenas @kookie49044 @cassidyrush @elenap16 @daljiyong @innocentiakishi @thatoneoutcast @elinwyatt @briannaeugene @destiny1419 @staceyholley @ligaya @taehyungkey @luna1171 @maddie27 @ninjamidori @creetheotaku @emilypeacock @kellyoconnor @aimeeh @veronicaartino @queenlee @jiyongixoxo @armystarlight @thepinkprincess @unniecakesali @khouyoung @alexisrivers @amandamuska @tashiannabostic @jazgaara33 @nikkitty @externallyeli @innocenttiakishi @xxxtina @crystalguerra @sarsoosoo99 Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future cards
[LIVE RECAPS] I Do I Do (Korean Drama) EP 16
--------------------- LAST EPISODE ! Hello everyone, I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. Please refresh this card for live update:) ------------------------------- TaeKang's father saw an album. There were lots of young TaeKang's photos. TaeKang went to home and said to his father, "Father.. My love^^..." - TaeKang's father : So, do you want to miss the chance because of her???  - TaeKang : Frankly speaking, you don't want to let me go. No?? - TaeKang's father : I'm your father. Every parents hopes for their son's success. - TaeKang : Like you, I want to stay next you, baby Ankle and Ankle's mother! - TaeKang's father : I throw you on your own resources!! > JiAn sent a SMS. " Come to the company's lobby!" - JiAn : I worked here for 15 years. May be I stayed here too long.. like stagnant water.. - TaeKang : Don't be afraid! We can solve this problem together ! Next morning, they wore same dress(same tie and same suit) and stayed in the lobby. People were agitated by the news! Wow TaeKang's father,too! They wanted to show their relationship from now! > There were a meeting because of JiAn. - CEO : Then, Why don't you get married?? - JiAn : Why do you want to decide our marriage?? > At lunch time, JiAn, TaeKang and TaeKang's father ate lunch in the cafeteria. Everyone looked them and people talked amongst themselves. But Sul daeri and JiAn's employees came to thier table and ate together. And other employees came to their table and said, " You look so good!" JiAn smiled and TaeKang stood up and said thank you to all. > Board of directors called JiAn, TaeKang, Sul daeri, Ma directer, TaeKang's father and NaRi each and examined. They said something good about JiAn but board members placed her on the unattached list . > TaeKang and his father also handed in his resignation. He suggested a partnership to JiAn. TaeKang worked hard to open a store and work with JiAn. She stayed home. She was so workholic so it was not good to her. Then, a person came to JiAn's home and said that there was a urgent problem in the company. She went to the company There was NaRi's inaugural ceremony to be CEO. Madam Jang put emotional pressure to NaRi. But NaRi planned something behind Madam Jang. NaRi recommended JiAn to the CEO position. She was so surprised! Madam Jang got shocked. > NaRi decided to go to the States to work in Jake's company as an intern. (in place of TaeKang.) TaeKang received investment from Jake. He was really happy but JiAn said to him about the offer. > Now she hesitated between CEO position and start-up with TaeKang. She went to the hospital and met EunSung. He adviced to JiAn. - EunSung : When I first met you, I planned to go fishing with friends. But I couldn't. We can't live as we want. Follow your heart. > JiAn went to meet Taekang. - TaeKang : You and me, we live in different environment, our life cycle are different.. but two strings hold you and me. The shoe and baby Ankle. Follow your heart and do what you want. > JiAn decided to go back to the company. TaeKang opened a company but it didn't work well. > In December, JiAn still worked in the company. She was big with child. Oh! NaRi visited her from the States. - JiAn : I'll submit my resignation. I need someone who can take care of this seat. And I think it's you. - NaRi : What? I don't know anything about the copany. - JiAn : You recorgnized me^^ > JiAn visited TaeKang's office. - TaeKang : Long time no see. - JiAn : Yes, you didn't call me. - TaeKang : You came here to say that? Didn't you miss me? - JiAn : Well.. Do you have a plan to hire an employee? - TaeKang : No.. - JiAn : Really? I resigned the company to work here. I wrote a CV,too. - TaeKang : Really? Really? - JiAn : You have to give me bonus seperately because I'm competent. And they kissed! _ TaeKang : I'll never let you go. Never again. - JiAn : I think I have to go - TaeKang : What? - JiAn : my waters break! - TaeKang : ..!!!!!.. > JiAn went to the hospital urgently. EunSung also came to the hospital for JiAn's operation. - Nurse : For the opration, caregiver has to go out. - JiAn : (To TaeKang) Because of you, I'm so hurt! Because of you! You have to serve next to me and baby Ankle! Okay? - TaeKang : Do you make a proposal of marriage to me???? - JiAn : I want a definite answer! - TaeKang : Ok! Of course! I'll do my best! Hwaitting! I love you! > Outside of the operating room, TaeKang, TaeKang's father and JiAn's parents waited impatiently. Finally the operation was over! Omg! TaeKang saw his baby! She was so cute!!!!! Epilogue JiAn walked a road. It was surrounded by shoes. TaeKang and a girl came to JiAn over there. The girl called JiAn, "Mommy!" - JiAn : Are you baby Ankle? - The girl : Yes ^^ Then, they holded each other's hands and left the scene. JiAn said: What is the right road? Where do I have to go? I'll be flustered and worried a lot. But I'm not afraid. Life is unpredictable but it gives a surtcey,too. My love, my baby and grateful people. I received amazing gifts during 9 months. In the future, which gifts will I receive in my life? I'm very curious and I'm expected it. ============================== It's over ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ OMG I can't believe it! I can't see this lovely couple anymore.........!!!!!!!!!! Did you enjoy the K-Drama? My English is not perfect so it was little bit difficult to explain each scene. But I was so happy to share this drama with you! It was a wonderful time to me,too ^^ In July, because of the Olympics, there will be no dramas. but I'll cover another K-Drama in mid-August! I hope to see you again! Thank you all! (+) I'll upload screencaps from now *_* Screencaps 1 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37860 Screencaps 2 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37864 Screencaps 3 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37867 Screencaps 4 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37868 Screencaps 5 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37871 Screencaps 6 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37876 Screencaps 7 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37881 Screencaps 8 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37880 Screencaps 9 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37882 Screencaps 10 : http://www.vingle.net/posts/37883
[LIVE RECAP] Time Slip Dr.Jin Ep 8
Live recap ENDED What's more exciting than getting ready to start a new week by doing live recap for Dr. Jin?~~~Blacksmith CM looks awesome! I wanna go there now! ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and like + comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk: JH Park Min Young as Yoo Mi Na / Hong Young Rae: MN/YR Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak: KT Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung: HE Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong: CH ----------------------------------------------------------- Continue from last ep. YR is upset at her mom for telling JH to leave the house (indirectly). JH understands and excuses himself. He went to his room leaning against the door and thinks about MN and their last lovey dovey convo in the room. YR told her mom she doesn't want to get married yet and of course got yelled at by her mom. Mom and daughter are in tears. Mom explains to YR their family situation. Brother just sits quiet and listens. YR can't say anything back at her mom. Mom got up and just left. In the morning YR rushes out to see JH pays his respect to mom and brother before he leaves. Brother wants him to stay longer but mom is happy to see him leaving. JH smiles and bows to YR who looks unhappy. She chases after him. He said congrats to her. Ouch. He goes to the clinic and meet moonsun ajusshi there. The other physicians are dealing with the mobs who are waving their money in order to get miracle medicine (penicillin?). JH goes explain to them that money is not the problem but of course they don't get it YR went to JH's room. He forgot to take his white coat. She looks at it and thinks about him then her servant called on her. KT had come to ask her out for a date~~ They're walking around a lake. KT is smiling happily while YR looks like a lifeless walking doll. Not sure if the carrot colored hanbok look good even on our Jaejoong…It seems he only smiles when he's with her. poor guy. He pulls her hand and take her to a field. He shows her a rock which has her name Young Rae carved on it. The first character is water hmmm. So it's sort of shows his affection toward her. She looks a bit touched but not moved. HE is drinking with brother. Doesn't look like they're on very good terms. They're having an intense convo. HE has this murderous look while he's talking about the noblemen (probably the one that kills his beloved gisaeng). Then CH shows up and asks what they're talking about and HE just changes the topic. Brother stands up and excuses himself. JH is about to do the operation on the lady with the thing around her neck. Her husband barged in and stops the operation. It's the son of minister Kim. He had JH taken away. His wife cries and begs him to let her have the OP. I suppose she's saying because she's like this that he won't even touch her therefore they cannot have an heir yet. He doesn't know what to say. Moonsun ajusshi and JH are being wrapped in straw mats lying on the floor. I think he said something about her being the princess who married minister Kim's first son? HE came and saw them. The evil son came out and asks JH if he's sure he can save her. He said yes. So they start the OP again. I must say the bloody OP in Dr Jin looks pretty realistic. He cut open the thing and explains what it is. He removes some membrane inside (not sure what the medical term is) and sew up the inside. He finishes the OP successfully. The evil son looks happy and came in to check on his wife. HE is also there and happy that everything went well. JH and HE walk back together. HE keeps talking about how it will benefit them a lot now that he saves the princess. JH doesn't like the way HE talks about it and was about to say he just wants to save people when he suddenly saw YR and her mom sitting at a store buying new cloth silk for the wedding. YR doesn't want to spend much on the clothes but her mom says they must. Then she notices JH who bows to her and continue walking. She looks really sad. At the clinic a physician is seen receiving a bribery from some official guy. Then we see YR's brother and KT are drinking and talking to each other. Bro is worried about his sister but KT assures him and bro says thank you. CH comes in bringing the wine. She smiles and looks at bro who is awkward in her presence. Then a girl reports that HE and JH are here so KT wants to have a drink with them. At home mom and YR and servant girl and looking at the new cloth they bought. YR is dazing when suddenly mom asks what are you thinking of. She just says nothing. KT, bro, CH, JH and HE are drinking together. KT insists on pouring a drink for JH but he says no thanks. The atmosphere gets intense and JH stands up to leave first but KT says sth to him. JH says something about YR? and it makes KT super unhappy. CH follows JH outside and says sth which makes him think she might know he's from the future. He comes close to her and asks what do you mean by that then a girl calls her. Bro is back home and saw YR about to leave home with a bag. Is she running away from home? It seems the princess lady is having a side effect from the OP. She's unconscious and sweating and trembling. JH runs back to the clinic to get penicillin. YR came to the clinic and saw someone set ran out. The clinic is on fire. YR runs inside trying to save the penicillin. She got injured on her arm and fell down. JH came in time to take her out. She's still holding tightly to the penicillin. He checked her wound and remember Mina being taken to the hospital. The other physicians arrived and he told them to put the fire out. He takes her to a room and begins treating her. Isn't the princess in more urgent situation? YR's arm is burned. JH puts wet towel on her wound. It looks really hurt but she's bearing with it. KT arrives at the clinic and checked the situation. He asks where JH is (I think). Now it's just JH and YR. He scolds her telling her she shouldn't have come in when the clinic is on fire. He's cutting of burnt skin on her shoulder. She turns sideway so she couldn't see JH's tears falling from his eyes. KT barged in. YR sat up to greet him. KT is shocked to see YR's arm. JH left for the 2 to talk. KT is sadden to see YR is hurt. JH stands outside and saw the penicillin that YR tries to save. It's marked number 9. He opens it and looks like only now that he realizes she runs in to save the penicillin. In the morning mom is furious at the news. HE came to the clinic shocked at the news. JH is treating YR by putting wet towel on her burn shoulder to cool it down. HE barged in. They went outside to talk. HE is concerned about the penicillin. JH said it's safe and shows him the one YR took out. Uh what about the princess lady that was in critical condition…?? JH came in the room with the penicillin and asks YR if it hurts a lot. She said she's fine. He says something else probably that he has to use the little medicine left to save the princess. She says it's fine and he should go. He thanks her for understanding and he left with the penicillin and inject it to the princess. Evil guy but seems like good hubby says will this settle her pain. JH assures him and the princess thanks him. JH is outside talking to HE then suddenly a physician came reporting sth. Minister Kim and his men are talking concerned about JH who just saved the princess. It seems it will be a problem for them. I thought the princess' hubby was the evil son but now I'm not quite sure. It seems like it maybe a different but evil guy. JH came running to YR's house. Her mom scolds him then the servant girl came out saying her mistress is…They rush into the room to check on her. JH realizes it might be a serious infection of the burnt. He asks the girl to go get something at the clinic. KT is at the clinic checking the stuff and tries to investigate who is responsible for the fire. He saw the servant girl and asks what happened. Moonsun ajusshi (i should learn his name) is wearing casual clothes going somewhere> he doesn't want his face to be seen. KT barged into the room and saw YR's infected burnt and is shocked. KT asks if she's fine but JH cant answer. He drags JH outside and asks him what he said earlier. It seems she might lose her arm? or sth. KT is red with tears, he punches JH in the stomach saying he will hold him responsible if sth happens to YR. The mob leaders and his men saw moonsun ajusshi being beaten by other mobs and decide to save him. JH is taking care of YR and remembers the time when she took care of him when he was sick. He closes his eyes then heard someone calls his name. The mob guy carrying the injured moonsun ajusshi who brought the saved penicillin. Mom rushes out and asks can that save YR? KT rushes to the scene order to arrest he ajusshi but JH said with this they can save YR. JH injects the penicillin to YR. KT thanks him but not without an attitude. KT still says mean things to JH but JH didn't say anything in return. The evil son is drinking at the brothel. Is it just me or they always go to the same room. Then another evil noblemen walked in and start saying something to him. It seems he's trying to get the son to do something regarding the princess' case. It looks like they plan something evil again and CH happens to overheard it JH is taking care of YR who looks better now. He remembers the last words MN says to him that they will meet again. He tells the sleeping YR sleep well then leaves. He's walking outside and think about what he's gonna do from now. YR opens her eyes and her mom is there. The first thing she asks is JH. Her mom said he's not here. He left already. She's disappointed and mumbling he left… and sat up. Her servant girl came in and is happy to see she's well. A gisaeng girl is there delivering a scroll to her. HE is walking out of the brothel happily when suddenly a group of men came to attack him but he's saved by YR's brother. JH is walking in the woods then suddenly similar men with swords appear. He started running. YR appears and drags him to a bush (not for what-you-hope) they escaped the assassins. Bro is telling HE who's behind the assassins. JH and YR are safe now but JH asks if YR is crazy running here like this. YR said she's thankful to him for saving her life so she just wants to do sth for him in return. He tells her to return. He says he's not a person of this world. She says what are you talking about. JH reveals that he's from the future to the shocked YR. In the morning HE is in his nice attire going to the palace to meet queen dowager. He comes in and bows to her. It seems he wants to talk about the princess' case? END No preview How was it? I haven't done live recap in a long time so not sure if I still have what it takes. Let me know ok?? :) Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated