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What do you think you'd use more?

Pretend for a second you're at the supermarket (get it?) and they're handing out free super powers. You can only choose one, and your options are super strength and super speed. Which would you pick? And what's the first thing you would do with your new ability?
Speed for sure! I would only have to get up like 10 min before school started, when I go to college on the East Coast i can get home faster, i can visit my best friend in England more, i wouldn't have to pay for air travel or gas! So many positives!
Super speed. I could save money on public transportation, and maybe get an hour extra sleep.
super strength, and the first thing bid do is go kick someone ass 馃樇馃樇馃樇
I would probably choose the Super Speed and travel around the world. I love to travel and I could just get everywhere quicker with Super Speed.
super strength and use it to climb up things I'm not supposed to. although I feel like being the guy with super strength would be like being the guy with the truck. always being asked to haul stuff
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