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Since I'm going through a Marvel spree yet again, I might as well put Guardians here. It's one of my favorites in the Marvel universe. So, yadda yadda yadda, I learned a bunch of stuff, it was cool, yadda yadda, here's what I've learned.
Make a fool of yourself.
One of the oldest tricks in movies is the good ole' trickery of, well, tricking someone. Peter (I mean, Starlord) does this a lot, moreover, himself. He goes on about how he's a great scavenger, and he messes up when he introduces the crew to his ship and music, making him an odd creature. While you can make yourself a joke, funny or not, it's a technique to surprise others around you. In order to show how much concentration and marksmanship you have, you first have to laugh at yourself. Most people beat themselves over how much of an embarrassing failure they are, but it's good to entertain yourself before passing it along to people you don't know and if your audience doesn't like that, then blame them for it.
Make allies (Even if they're bad).
A lot of people around us in life can be assholes for their own incompetence and formalities of how they see the world, but that doesn't mean they're going to be dicks and won't help you out when you're in a jam. We live in a world where helping others out based on their current situation (Homeless, political leader, criminal) is futile and nobody seems to care because they are considered bad news just by looking at them. All it takes is a bit of persuasion and heart. Peter tells Drax in the prison that Gamora knows all about Ronan's insight and plans and must keep her alive. Rocket knows how to activate the prison's security system and relies on the others to make distractions, and Groot is all help and random acts of kindness, such as shielding the Guardians in Ronan's spaceship. By forgetting about the emotional side of your take on another who may have had a rough part on society, knowing what they can do to help as a fact can go a long way with less struggle.
Music and a job.
This card wouldn't be complete without mentioning the music Starlord has on his Walkman. We use music as a means of escape and displaying our current mood. The Walkman is Peter's last piece of humanity and without it, he has nothing. The beats and lyrics while adventuring the galaxy is a way of having fun and showing your inner light (and badassery), and sharing them with others can change their perspective.
Your welcome.
So, what did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy? What were some things you found interesting?
I learned how hot Chris Pratt is but that's probably not what you meant moving on I loved the Guardians of the Galaxy and I didn't really learn anything because I'm the definition of weird and Starlords' quirky personality is what made me like him sm
I totally love it!! The music is awesome! and it's freaking funny too
Haha awesome. I didn't actually see Guardians of the Galaxy, but this card makes me want to!!
I also feel like this movie was really important for Marvel. It's very different from everything else they were doing at the time and I think the company wasn't as confident about it for that reason. But it ended up working really well and I hope their takeaway from that is the lesson people want to be surprised, not given more of the same
@shannonl5 that is so true
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