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If you're from Miami, or know anything about Miami, you know there are stereotypes. Some of them may be true. I may be one of those stereotypes, but I'll let y'all to guess which categories I fall into. ;-)

1 - The Serial Flake

This girl doesn't give three shits if you have planned something very important (and expensive), if there's something bigger and better -- she's flaking out. The first few times might give her the benefit of the doubt. But after a string of flakes, you just leave her out of the plans. She's going to cancel anyway...what's the point?

2 - The Ultra Girl

You might not find her on South Beach rockin' her perfectly carved body, but you'll definitely catching her having the time of her life in her ripped shorts and bikini top at Ultra. And you probably won't know how wild she is, until you see her totally in her element at the festival.

3 - The Girl Who Hates Miami

She was born and raised in Miami, but she can't stop herself from bitching about the city every waking second. She hates the beach, the sun, the traffic, the guys, the party life -- basically everything about Miami. And she always says, "this year I am moving!" But her ass always manages to stay right in the city she loathes.

4 - The Stereotypical Chonga

You were either one, you know one, or you're currently a proud chonga. She wears hoop earrings, draws on her eyebrows, and she probably lives in Hialeah or Little Havana. Her baby hairs are laiiiidddddd with glue, and she's an avid Cuban slang user.

5 - The Party Girl

She lives to party. Her day job? Who the hell knows -- but she's all about the nightlife. You won't catch her chillin' around art in Wynwood, or having casual 20-dollar drinks in Brickell. She'll be the it-girl in South Beach. She gets all the party perks, she hangs out with celebrities, and she parties until morning comes. She's been doing it for so long, it's like she's immune to hangovers, because she's back at it the next night.

6 - The Latina And PROUD Girl

She's all about doing anything Latino -- and that involves salsa dancing, eating at all of the Latin American hot spots, and aggressively waving her country's flag at Calle Ocho. She's 100% about representing the Latin American culture and she does it with PASSION. She'll hear Spanish music at the most random ass places, and you'll catch her salsa-ing with no shame.

7 - The Unconventional Miami Girl

Although she may not complain about Miami, she doesn't really spend her time trying to love it. She usually spends her weekends in Fort Lauderdale or line dancing in Broward County's Round Up.
haha chonga or chongo in the Mexican slang terms means the topknot like the knot on those girls head lol. Cholas means gangster girls or pandilleras in Mexican slang lol. its so funny how diff latin cultures use the same word differently.
Yes, a part of me is definitely number 6! I thought of myself when I wrote that one haha @drummergirl691
IDK about you, but I'm girl #6. Any kind of Latin music, I'm looking at my mom and we both start grooving! 馃槅 Unless we're in public. Then it's just me. 馃樁
@danidee XDDD awwww @alywoah Food is Life ^^
@amobigbang im glad u liked it lol!!! :) :)
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