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I wish I could force every person in the west to look at these pictures of dead infants; the toddlers washed ashore; the mothers screaming in desperation; entire families just sinking into the water as though they never existed in the first place.
It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling in my chest when I come across comments that read “the Muslims brought this on themselves,” or “it’s the parents fault for putting their kids in a dangerous situation.” I don’t know if this line of thinking comes from a lack of understanding or a lack of empathy, but it is repulsive nonetheless.
I think this has changed me. We learn about the holocaust and things like that, but you never really get that confused, tightening pain that runs through your whole body when you realize that this world is not what you thought it was. It’s like realizing that everyone around isn’t even human and you had no idea until now. Imagine, you live your life under the assumption that people have feelings and care about each other, but later find that these people don’t feel anything at all. It would be devastating. All the people who said they loved you and would help you, stand by you, care for you- and it was all fake; just a dream that you are now waking up from. And reality, you find, is a world you’ve never known.
The response to this crisis is making me numb. And I hate that because then im just as bad as everyone else. But it’s so hard, seeing this unacceptable situation and being unable to do anything about it, and then seeing the people who could do something deciding to do nothing. How? How can you tell me we’re even human beings if we can allow this to happen day after day after day after day after day…
Indifference and inaction are the most threatening things in the world. It’s unfortunate that we stress how evil some are for what they do, when the most evil is done by what everyone else doesn’t. I thought I saw true evil in dictators and murderers, the terrorists and manipulators of the mind- but that was nothing. The real evil, the truly incomprehensible evil that exists in this world, comes from the average man who simply doesn’t care; who can’t be bothered by anything that doesn’t affect him. Most people don’t see a problem with men like that, which is what gives me such despair and induces a feeling of distress… like I’ve been sent to another planet and left stranded with a new species.
And here I am, sentenced to live out the rest of my days with these disgusting “people.”
This is so sad. I hope our political system stops failing us
Nobody listens to the population anymore. People just look at others like Muslims, for example, on the outside, when really, they too have a voice of their own that can make an impact.
The refugee crisis is one that has been breaking my heart for a while now. :( I just don't understand why people don't want to get behind helping them! they lost EVERYTHING. They have nothing, and it's not their fault! beautiful writing btw, thank you for writing this.