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All right so basicly resuming everything they're doing new projects they wanna add a new channels for MV's new apps for us too use anywhere in the world with 50 subtitles of different languages. I kind of liked that idea because they're incorporating us who just watch via internet, now for the new group yes they're 40 people involved why? well ever country will have a kpop group (just the big countries that's how I heard) so for example all the U.S will have a kpop group only China, Korea and so... do you get it? anyway, here they introduced the new teaser of NCT and YES THEY REVEALED THEIR FACES YES THEY DANCED!!! and holy cow they're good looking!!! what do you think? comment down below...
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I'm so happy that Mark and Taeyong will finally get a chance. they've been smrookies for years now so I'm excited for more people to recognize them
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okay I know it's Hansol, Taeyong (?) & Mark but who's the last boy
2 years ago·Reply
@abby177 I think it's Johnny
2 years ago·Reply
oh really? @bcptv
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no that's not johnny ik what he looks like but then again I could be wrong
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