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Anyone that lives in New York knows that the New York Post is a vital part of their every day life. Thought most people (I hope) read it ironically or just out of entertainment, the reality is we are still being exposed to it. It's in the subway stations, on most street corners, and an easy way to be exposed to news.
And how they write about the news is, well, obviously biased.
I recently came across this title by the post, and it both stoked me but also, made me think. It's not the regular way to write the news, with just the information. This title is making a statement about the Oscars, and calling it out.

But is that a productive way to write headlines?

This story from 1998 was pretty simple, an asteroid missing earth! Thank goodness! I have to say this title made me chuckle to myself, and kept my attention. Playing safe from my perspective, fine by me.
Jared Fogle faced up to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of possessing child pornography, but this title is telling us more than that. It's making a statement about our prison system, on a really inappropriate level.
Well, now they are just getting personal here. When you are calling out on a issue, it's cool. It's not just me that sees a bit of sexism snuck in there right?!

What are your thoughts on this kind of tabloid reporting? Interesting and compelling or just plain awful?

You described my feeling completely @ButterflyBlu ethical dilemma but man it's so clever!!
This is really priceless hahah I wouldn't mind reading these since it is eye catching cx
hahaha no worries! @atmi you are so good at english:) I can't really speak any other language so you win
yes..that's what I'm going to say, not very ethical. just don't know how to spell the too sleepy to search the word this early morning
same goes here. there is tabloid that just to awful to read their headline. they sometime going to far just to attract people to buy and read the paper. there is a case that individual who sue the tabloid just because their headline was too subjective to them.
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