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Payj’s POV
It had been three weeks since Jungkook had kissed me and to be honest I still hadn’t come to terms with the whole situation. I had thrown myself even further into my work not even taking time to go out with MiMi. If I wasn’t practicing I was writing music. I sighed as I scrolled through my playlist looking for a good song to dance to. I laughed bitterly to myself as I stopped on Kang Min Hee & Kanto’s Call Me Noona.
Since the kiss Jungkook had stopped calling me Noona, he had stopped pretending that he wasn’t bothered when I would talk to other male idols, he had started coming and spending time near me even if I completely ignored him. He told me if I wanted him to stop and stay away from me I had to tell him that I did not like him at all. The truth was I didn’t know how I felt. When I wouldn’t keep myself busy the feeling of his lips pressed against mine would sneak back and I would turn bright red. My hand unconsciously moved up to cover my lips and I shook my head starting the music. I sang along and danced gracefully in my heels. All the practice I had been getting the last three weeks had made me one hell of a dancer in heels. Though I found walking in a straight line was still difficult.
The song came to an end and I walked back over to my mp3 to play the song one more time. I didn’t even notice Jungkook sneak into the room at first.
Jungkook’s POV
He watched as she danced to the song singing along with the lyrics. A smirk creeped over his lips when he realized what the song was exactly. She had not been very pleased when he kissed her, she seemed to have enjoyed it at first but after she wouldn’t talk to him for days, and when she did start to talk to him she would change the subject every time the kiss was mentioned. He had asked MiMi and Siwon what he should do and they both had told him not to give up and keep pursuing her. So here he was, randomly showing up at her practice room and watching her.
Hoseok walked by and saw him standing there. “You going to go in and win the girls heart or are you going to stand out here acting like a stalker?” Hoseok smiled and nudged Jungkook towards the door. “Go dance with her.”
Jungkook made a face like Hoseok was crazy but eventually agreed that nothing would change if he just stood outside and watched her. Being called a stalker wasn’t exactly a title he wanted either.
The song came to an end and he watched as she walked over to start the song over. As she focused on dancing and singing the song he snuck into the room. As the first chorus came on he walked up and joined her in the dance. He had been watching her for the last hour and figured he should be able to keep up, but he decided to add his own touch and pulled her towards himself turning her solo dance into a couples dance.
Payj’s POV
My heart leapt as I was spun and collided with Jungkook’s chest. I almost stopped dancing but the smirk he gave me as he lead me through the dance enticed me to stay and dance with him. My heart started beating quickly and the spots on my waist he would grab as he spun me seemed to burn with his touch. I looked into his eyes singing the song as if I had personally written it just for him. They were basically my feelings. I was fighting any and every kind of feeling for him but he kept trying to break that wall. I knew it was wrong, I knew that it would end badly for me, and I couldn’t risk my music for something that wouldn’t last let alone something that would break me.
The rap started and he stopped placing his hand on my cheek the rap flowing effortlessly from his lips. I hadn’t even realized I had leaned my head into his hand until he pulled me closer like he was going to kiss me, causing me to spin out of his arms. I walked away from him trying to calm my wildly beating heart as the song slowly came to an end.
I heard clapping and looked up to see MiMi, Namjoon, and Hoseok standing in the doorway. My cheeks instantly turned red and I turned walking towards my bag in the corner pretending to look for my water bottle. “That was the best take!” MiMi skipped over to me and patted me on the back. “I never knew the chemistry between you two would be so great. Maybe we should ask Boss Man to let them do a lovers duet?” My cheeks flushed even more red and I gently elbowed her in the stomach hopping she would take the hint to drop it.
“Payj…” Jungkook called my name and again that wall cracked. I composed myself and turn to look at him a smile on my face. “Can we talk?”
I gave him a half smile and shook my head. “Call me Noona, Kookie, and I’m sorry. I have to go meet up with Boss Man about our come back next week.” I quickly escaped the room heading anywhere but there. If I gave in and talked to him alone he might catch me off guard again and I couldn’t afford…. No… my heart couldn’t resist another embrace or kiss. One more and I knew that wall would crumble. I needed to distance myself from him. For once I was happy that I wouldn’t be at the company much because of Mix It’s comeback.
A month had passed since our ‘couples’ dance and Mix It was coming to the end of our promotion for our first single. I had seen Jungkook here and there but he was never given the chance to talk to me alone. I had to admit I was now avidly avoiding him. He still called me Payj despite my nagging to call me Noona again, and the boys seemed to be getting involved with trying to talk boss man into letting us do things together both Mix It and BTS. I had good faith that I would be able to escape that fate until now that is.
“So the show starts in the afternoon. You are both scheduled to be on at the same time so make sure you are all there in the morning to get ready.” I nodded to Boss Man trying to figure out why they would decide to have both groups on Running Man at the same time. Not only that but the fact that they had decided that Running Man would be my first reality show.
We walked out of his office and headed back to the dorms. Both groups were excited about joining Running Man… well all but me. I never watched the show so I had no idea who the people were or what I should expect at all. I never had time to watch TV.
The large building spanned before me and I stared up at it in confusion. I must have been early because the camera crew stood around and none of the other members were anywhere to be seen. “Payj-shi!” I spun around and smiled at the PD. “We are going to meet up with the members of running man in just a moment. We have split you all into groups here is your color. We will tell you the meaning for it when we start filming.” I nodded and he walked away to greet the other members as they got out of the van. I watched as he gave each of the girls a different colored flag like mine.
The recording had started and the guys were called into the room first and stood around talking with the people from Running Man. The five of us girls watched as the guys got into groups:
Jeon JungKook and JaeSuk
Namjoon, HaHa, and SukJin
Jimin, Hoseok, and Gary
V, Jin, and Ji Hyo
Yoongi, Kwang Soo, and Kim JongKook
I wondered what our flags had to do with what groups we would be in but I was instantly aware when they started playing a game. They were allowed to choose their colors by the order they won. I looked down at my red flag and wondered just what fate awaited me today.
As the game played out the teams chose their colors. We were not allowed to come out or find out what group we were with until the game was completed and the order was picked. After ten minutes the first place group came up to call their color. Jimin smiled and yelled out “Come out Pink!” CC giggled and ran out onto the set the pink flag in her hand. She greeted the group and the Running Man members instantly became interested. They had no doubt realized that the remaining members were all girls.
HaHa called out for purple and MiMi skipped down to meet Namjoon, Ji Hyo called out yellow and watched HeeRa shyly make her way to the group. All that was left was Luna and I. I looked up at the two remaining groups and the color drained from my face. Kookie’s group or Jongkooks group. I closed my eyes and waited for them to call the final colors. Kookie walked up and flashed that smile that made my resolve weak and called out red. My breath hitched and I knew I must have looked shocked, surprised, and like I was walking towards my own funeral.
I shook my head and plastered a smile on my face as I walked out to meet Kookie and JaeSuk. I barely registered what was going on as all of the Running Man came up to greet me, my attention was stuck on the tall shadow in the back smiling at me like he had just hit the lottery. He knew as well as I did. He would finally get his alone time, there was no way I could blow him off and take off today. I smiled and twitched as Kookie put his arm around me. Everyone else was distracted with Luna’s entrance when Kookie leaned down and whispered. My heart skipping a beat as his hot breath brushed my ear. “Well you can’t avoid me today Payj.”
From that moment I knew I was done for. The wall was not going to be able to stand and before the end of the day I knew it would be a pile of rubble at my feet.
AAAANNNNNDDDD we are done. That is all for this chapter. I had originally planned on almost completely finishing the story in this chapter but I thought that would have been too easy on Kookie.
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