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Today's Edition of Tell Me About It Tuesday comes inspired by @TerraToyaSi and their card about their anime figurines!
I honestly have few to none figurines, and I posted the Goku one before, but this is the small collection of little figurines I have gotten (sans one I accidentally left in NYC).
I've got a SSGSS Goku figurine, a turret from Portal, and this little kidrobot neko doll that my girlfriend colored and drew on to look like her.
(also in this picture: the california sunlight, my PS4, and a lush bag, signifying how I need to stop treatin' myself.)
I just got a gundam Deathscythe Hell model that I'm putting together
Thanks for the mention. ♥
The Goku figurine looks awesome! I have a L figuring but that's about it~
I want a Hellscythe figure... she's such an adorable loli
I have Tony version Luka, the Golden Darkness & Nico Robin... don't have a pic on the phone yet tho...