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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 29/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.

You had run out of the warehouse yard towards the busy streets of downtown.
To where all the lights were.
Barricades lined the streets as a parade marched down the lanes, hundreds of people all bunched up on the sidewalks trying to see. All their backs were to you, their cheering and the music of the performers drowning out your screams for help. Glancing back over your shoulder as you neared the crowd your heart dropped at the empty dark streets behind you.
Where did Jimin go?
The thought of him hiding somewhere was pushed to the back of your mind. All you needed to do was reach that crowd and you’d be fine. There was man with a child on his shoulders at the corner of the building ahead, half turned towards you. If you could only get his attention.
Then you’d be safe.
Jimin suddenly stepped in your line of view, emerging from around the corner, his arms held out, easily enveloping them around you and pressing you back against the building. The man with the child looked back, quickly turning away when Jimin pressed his body up against yours, head nuzzling in the crook of your neck. To him, you two were like every other excited couple snuggling up at the parade that he tried to shield his child from.
“It’s alright, baby.” Jimin soothed, “Take a breath, calm down. I’m gonna take good care of you.” He softly kissed along your jaw, “Don’t draw attention to us and I promise it won’t hurt as bad.” He straightened up, wiping the tears from your eyes with shaking hands. He looked excited, you noted fearfully.
He looked excited.
“I’m going to have so much fun with you, baby..”
You felt his thigh force it’s way between your legs, his head tilting to the side in curiosity as he watched the conflicting expressions on your face. Jimin smoothed your hair back from your face. Pressing your hand against the firm muscle of his thigh, you tried to push it away.
Jimin only pressed harder.
“J-Jimin.” You whispered, “Jimin please stop. You’re scaring me-”
“Good.” He cut in, kissing the tip of your nose, “Tell me how scared you are, baby.” His hand slid down to intertwine his fingers with yours that pushed on his thigh. Jimin smiled at you, resting his forehead against your temple.
“I trusted you.” You mumbled, moving your head from his, “I..Jimin you were the first person I trusted. I thought you cared about me..I trusted you.” He nodded solemnly against you, pecking your cheek.
“Do you trust me now?” He asked lightly. Jimin forced his mouth over yours when the man with the child checked back to see if you two had gone. You tried pushing him away, but he firmly held your hands against his chest, leaning into you. His mouth finally slunk away, and he stepped back, tugging you with him. “Come on, Y/N.” he breathed, releasing you, “Start running again, it was fun chasing you.”
You didn’t need to be told twice and you started running the way you had come, hoping to run into Jungkook. Jimin turned his back to you, calmly stepping beside the man and his child to watch the parade. The child curiously looked down at him, wide eyes scanning behind them, “Where’s your wife?” He asked. Jimin blinked, smiling at the adorable kid. He playfully pinched his leg, winking at him,
“We’re playing hide and seek.” He explained, “She’s going to hide now and I’ll go find her in a bit.” Jimin grinned, “Do you want to play too?” The child’s eyes lit up, his sticky hands tugging at his father’s hair,
“Dad, Dad, can I play hide and seek with Mr. Orange!?” Jimin giggled, patting his head in mock anger,
“Mr Orange?” He repeated, “Ahh, call me Jiminie.” He made eye contact with the father, sending him a reassuring smile. The man looked a bit hesitant, but when his son only insisted louder and mentioned playing hide and seek with him and his deceased mother, the father caved, lowering him onto his own two feet. He placed his son’s hand in Jimin’s, sending him a dark look,
“Only one round.” He warned, “You don’t leave the block and you bring him right back here, got it?” Jimin and the child both nodded furiously, the child giggling when Jimin mock saluted the man.
“I’ll treat him like my own son.”
You crouched behind a stack of crates in a long alley not too far off from the parade. Originally you wanted to get to Jungkook, but if Jimin wasn’t in a rush to stop you, then should you really be so eager to reach him? Maybe Yoongi was right? Maybe Jungkook was trying to kill you.
Yoongi had been right about so many other things.
You just wanted to go back to that room, honestly, where things were semi normal. Everything was consistent there. Food came three times a day and new clothes were given every night. There was a bathroom and hot water and all the necessities.
And Yoongi was always there.
Whether it was treating your leg or calming you down from a nightmare or keeping you safely behind him whenever someone tried to get into the room. He was a quiet presence, but one that filled all the empty space in your life. You hadn’t even realized how much you two had come to rely on each other until he was burying his head into the crook of your neck after being jolted awake in his sleep, fingers intertwining with yours as he drifted back off.
The next morning he had woken up alone in bed, confused as to why you were pressed into a corner, expression guilty. Yoongi had tentatively asked what was wrong, and you had replied,
“You had a nightmare and you curled up to me, holding my hand and I thought..I thought what if we were..what if this was real? Not forced on us? And I..Jeon wouldn’t..I couldn’t do that to Jeon..I can’t hurt him like that..”
And Yoongi had only replied,
“But you could do it to me?”
You wanted to go back and make things right with Yoongi..Maybe his answer to Jungkook back in the room would’ve been different. Maybe it would have made a difference now. Maybe you wouldn’t be running for your life.
You tried to make yourself as small as possible, pulling the crates closer to hide your body better. You missed Jin. You missed the Jimin on Jeju Island who asked you to sit next to him on the ferry ride and offered to buy you lunch. You missed the Jungkook who pulled you into his arms to protect you. You missed the Yoongi who would tenderly ask you about your life, but fall asleep before you even had a chance to answer. You even missed your deadbeat roommate Jaehwa who swore he’d pay rent but never did, leaving you to pay the full amount.
How did people live like this? It didn’t make any sense. How were they all still functioning? Didn’t this life chip away at them? You technically weren’t even part of this life and you had thought about death more than you ever had.
How had they all survived?
A small head peeked at you from the space between crates, the little boy smiled and looked off somewhere you couldn’t see. “Mr Orange I found your wife! Can I have ice cream now?” Jimin’s voice was heard responding with,
“You guessed where she was hiding right on the first try! See, I told you she hides like a little kid, didn’t I? Here’s some money, why don’t you go back to your dad? I’ll watch you from here.”
The boy smiled at you, “Your husband is really nice Mrs Orange! I hope I can play hide and seek with you guys again!” He moved away, presumably going back to Jimin. You gently pushed the crate aside, sprinting off while Jimin watched the child return to his father. If you could get out the alley, you could sprint to the dock and maybe hide in the maze of cargo until Jimin got tired of searching for you.
Darting out the mouth of the alley, you crashed into another person, the two of you falling out onto the ground. You scrambled to untangle yourself from them; you needed to get away from Jimin. Their arm gripped yours tightly, pulling you back to them.
“Y/N!” He called out, shaking you lightly, “It’s just me-” You hugged him tightly, relieved to hear a familiar voice. In the darkened alley on the opposite end, Jungkook came around, tackling into Jimin.
And you froze.
You weren’t hugging Jungkook.
Lurching back, you looked up into the happy gaze of Taehyung.

Why must this always end with my getting a heart attack!?!
one more before bed?
NOOOOO!! Not tae! I'll still push this Jimin down several flights of steps
"But you can do it to me."*Insert ugly sobbing*
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