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Ok before I say anything it my opinion I still really like subs but its just a gripe with them.
So I think there are some amazing scenes with subs like if say to characters are talking or something like that just when its calm. But when its a action scene or something flashy I don't know if i should read or watch I cant read that fast yea that's my big thing about subtitles but if its a romance, slice of life comedy or along those lines its great and if you can give me tips on how to read faster or what ever let me now
@simplynick I know throughout the 90s and before that, dubs were horrible. Studios these days though find top notch voice actors and do everything they can to make the voice line up with the mouth movement, without losing the integrity of the dialogue, and almost always pick voice actors based on the Japanese voice actor's voice.
@BuddhaClaus I don't get it either.. I think it's just a bias or maybe stereotype is the word..people hear one bad Dubbed and its like "EEEEHHHH" but it is based of some truth.. There are some BAD DUBS out there.. I'd argue like 40% -50% are some weird dubs... because either the voice doesn't fit the image character or its too far off from the jap voice to feel the same... Most of the top animes (also the old) naruto, one piece, death note dbz all have very good Dubbed versions...
I don't really understand why dubs are so rejected. I don't mind watching subbed anime, but I want to see the details of the anime and listen, not read and hope I don't miss something. It's gotten to the point where people are being shamed for liking dubs over subs.
yeah I think it's just something you pick up as you go, but I can admit sometimes they do get frustrating
Find your way, you must....young one.. For I read and watch to this day and still not know how...yesss
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