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Earlier this week, the Suns let go coach Jeff Hornacek.
As soon as the coach was dismissed, rumors began to swirl that another Phoenix Suns great could be up for the job: Steve Nash.
But Nash, sources say, is not ready to entertain the thought of a head-coaching position or even an assistant coach's role at this juncture, preferring to focus on fatherhood.
With that being said, this could be the perfect situation for Nash to step into, if not this season than with a fresh slate next year. The Suns have a nice guard duo, solid location and lots of cap space.
Nash is a former player who thrived in up-tempo systems, which many young players prefer in this generation. I think his style of play and the cash available could lure a star in the near future.

Should the Suns make a large push at Steve Nash to be their next head coach?

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Let the man spend some time with his family first!