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Okay so the Title pretty much sums up what I want to work on. I know, I am doing a lot of things right now! between my personnel issues in life, trying to learn the piano, and now trying to write my own anime! At the same time though it's good for me to I can try to keep my mind off of things! I am wondering if anyone here...which I know there is. Is pretty good at drawing because there is a request that I have! I just need someone to draw me a sword that's kind of 3d like and also with words carved in it....if there is any volunteers. Just msg me! Thank you all allnd have an awesome day! ^0^
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Hi there! I saw this card and I'm actually trying to write my own stories and biographies for my video game series. If you would like, I have a kik, so you can message me for ideas on your anime.
What's your kik?