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When the Lego games first started coming out, I thought they were just easy cashgrabs and not actual fun games. But I was wrong, I was totally, 100 percent wrong. And I can admit that. I can admit that I'm wrong about Legos and video games and things that are cute. And when the Lego game for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released recently I realized that I might actually pick this one up.
The trailer captures the same childlike wonder of Star Wars while also getting the whole feel of the Lego games that have come out previously. They've always been a little funny and a little cutesy. Those two things generally put a smile on my face (and if they don't put a smile on yours, you're probably a vampire).
My favorite thing about this trailer is that they recreate one of the first trailers of The Force Awakens. But instead of doing an exact shot-for-shot remake of the trailer with Legos instead of people, they add their own little touches to the trailer to truly capture that weird Lego Game sense of humor they add to all the properties they've gotten to work on.
I think my favorite one of these gags has to be the one with Poe Dameron in the X-Wing cockpit. It starts off looking just as serious as the movie until he starts flipping all those little switches that make toast pop up (I'm glad to know X-Wings have toasters). Also, I feel bad for that Ithorian that just wanted to go fishing while the ships flew past... Poor guy.
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to come out on June 28th, 2016
@InVinsybll same here. I'm more excited for the jokes than the Star Wars if that's possible
I love the way the Lego games have this kind of humor. if they took themselves too seriously it'd ruin it for me