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Hey guys!! So I made a workout routine card and I promised to make a morning routine one! I workout in the morning so I will only have a little slide for that with what workouts I do. Here we go!
So first thing I do when I wake up is stretch! And not just in my bed. I try to wake up my body and muscles by doing many stretches for my arms, back, stomach, and especially my legs. After that, I go to my kitchen to quickly chug a glass of water with my morning vitamins. I take a Vitamin C pill to help with my immune system and an allergy pill because I have seasonal allergies and winter is usually the worst for me! :/


Then I work out in my depressing little corner. ;) I have another card for my workout playlist if you are interested! I do -50 regular squats -50 more squats where every time I stand back up, I swing a leg out to the side and alternate -Plank for 3 min -30 sit-ups -And 20 arm reps *BE SURE TO STRETCH AFTERWARDS!!!*


I have a meal replacement shake everyday for protein but with that being said, I still love food. So while I drink my shake, I make myself some eggs. -Crack two eggs in a bowl -Pour a splash of half in them and whisk -Place in a non-stick pan under medium heat -Scramble -*this is just what I use* One piece of Oatmeal bread in your toaster while eggs are cooking -Season eggs to your liking -Remember to not burn your toast! (Unless you like crispy things) -Then I put some Louisiana hot sauce on them and enjoy! *Salt and Pepper shakers are from Williams and Sonoma*


I drink lots of fluids every morning and I love tea! So I use the Peach Detox from Yogi. I use my electric water heater because I am in a hurry in the mornings. You can use whatever you like! I'll be making a card on Tea Masks as well for skincare so stick around for that one! And let me know if you want to be tagged in this card or the next!
The last thing I do is shower! I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week or it will damage my hair. Then I get dressed from my plethora of cloths and pick a hat to finish! I don't have time to really do my hair unless I wake up even earlier, which I am sure as hell NOT going to do. ;) If I'm going to certain places, I'll pick something nicer and do my hair, but for the most part, it's my usual style and a hat. I'll be making another card of my closet to share what "my style" really is! Again, comment if you would like to be tagged in it!

Go go go!

And I'm beat by the time I start my day! But it's go time for another 14 hours! What's your morning routine? Tag your friends and make a card to share! @alywoah @thepinkprincess @kpopandkimchi @nicolejb @TessStevens @maddie27 @Ercurrent @danidee @shannonl5
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@felicityautumn I have a problem...I put it on almost everything.
Haha!! Don't worry, I have friends like that. They swear by it sometimes! ^.^@Ercurrent
Niceeeee!!! I'll write my card now. That's a really awesome workout routine :)
Sweet! And thank you!@alywoah 😏
I love this card so much! You allow yourself to have such a full morning routine. Mine usually consists of rolling out of my bed, spraying some dry shampoo in my hair, throwing on clothes, and finding a place to buy coffee.