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The Fight For Hell's Kitchen- A Daredevil Retrospective

In case you needed a refresher.

Season 2 of Daredevil is a little over a month away (March 18th, for those of you who haven't marked your calendars yet). And this is the perfect video to help you get ready. This captures the grim mood and emotional highlights of the first season, so you can remember everything you liked about it if you don't have time for a full re-watch. Of course, if you haven't finished the first season yet this video contains SPOILERS so beware!
Vidder: MCU Exchange
Ahhhhhhh! So excited! Losing my mind excited! A MONTH AWAY!!! *swoons to the fainting couch* I'm such a dork.
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@ButterflyBlu I feel the exact same way :D
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@shannonl5 I'm glad I'm not alone!! XD
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