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When Knights and Bikes showed up on my feed as another one of those Kickstarter games, I kind of dismissed it. And mostly because I don't care for Kickstarter games but this one comes from ex-Little Big Planet and Ratchet & Clank developers so I figured I should give the trailer a watch.
And let me tell you I wasn't disappointed. If you can believe it, all the art is hand-painted. Which adds to the charm this game exudes. It's something I want to play immediately.
Watching the trailer, I felt the same things I felt when my parents would bring home a new NES game (or games) and playing it for the first time. It's that "seeing-something-awesome-for-the-first-time" feeling and not knowing something so cool could exist.
It's the feeling people recall when they think about the first time they experienced Star Wars or Harry Potter. It's something that I didn't think I'd ever feel again since I'm on the wrong side of 25. I was pleasantly surprised by this trailer and I'm absolutely excited for the game.
The devs say that the game is inspired by Earthbound and The Goonies which is an amazing combination of things that I've never even considered. There's something about being a kid that I absolutely miss and it's all that imagination I've lost through years and years of sitting a desk and being told what to do. I kind of hope this game reminds me of what it was like to feel like I could do anything. Being an adult is horrible and I didn't need a video game to remind me of that... But maybe I need a video game to remind me of the times when life wasn't directly in the shitter, I don't know.
It's still being funded so if you like what you saw in the trailer above, click here to support the thing.
Also, quick note. While I was looking through the press kit for this game, I found this screen that -- for some reason, I'm not sure why -- I think is amazingly cute. I don't know what it is about that main character peaking her head over those rocks but I can't help but get that weird giggle-laugh. I don't know why I find it funny or cute or endearing. But it's beautiful and I'll never forget it.


What do you guys think about this game? Is it something you'd support or just play? Let me know in the comments!
Definitely not against cute games. Ever play Tear Away? That game is cute and fun. This reminds me of that.
@paulisadroid lol that's cool. It looks like they did.
Seems like a fun, cute game. Hope they get funded soon and make the game~
I want to go to there
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