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This is an amazing end to a beautiful story. If you are having a bad day or week, this feel-good story will definitely give you are warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart.

Officer Matthew Hickey and Ajax are best friends.

Officer Matthew Hickey, a police officer in Marietta, Ohio, worked with Ajax, a police K-9, everyday for the past three years. He told a news station that he thought of Ajax as one of his children. When Officer Hickey retired after 30 years of working with the police station, he wanted to buy Ajax so that Ajax could retire with him. However, there was a problem.
Ajax is considered property of the city. He wasn't at the retiring age yet — the city said that he probably had a few more years that he could work as a police dog. That meant that Ajax had to be sold at a public auction. Ajax was valued at $3,500. And people rallied around Officer Hickey and Ajax. A GoFundMe account was started to help Officer Hickey raise the money to buy Ajax and almost $50,000 was raised.

The great ending.

The police department and Officer Hickey worked a perfect solution. They allowed Officer Hickey to remain as an auxiliary officer, which means that he can keep Ajax.
"I kind of retired wanting to be a hermit and left alone because I worked the midnight shift since '96 and I was jaded, but now I am a changed man because of the support," Officer Ajax said.
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This is a great...and the best part is that Officer Hickey felt really needed by both the community and his best friend!
@ButterflyBlu wow, that is a very touching story. I agree with @nicolejb, you have amazing moments in your life that I feel like people would really benefit from hearing.
What a beautiful and sad and happy story 😢 you need to write your life story in a book @ButterflyBlu it's full of beautiful and tragic moments.
@nicolejb yep :) my German Shepard, Jasmine (Jazz) was his partner. He started training her right after Levi was born. They're practically the same age. The man who shot him, shot her first and the bullet clipped her lung. They saved her life but she has a slight breathing problem. So, she had to be retired. His captain himself delivered her to my door. I knew nothing about it ahead of time...he just rang my doorbell. They decided that since my child had always known Jazz and now had no father, it was "only right".
Beautiful @ButterflyBlu I didn't know that about you and your doggy!
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