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This is a little bit of a depressing playlist & there are a lot of good songs out there about break up or one sided loves. Ive been listening to Your Face by Lee Hyun Woo & Louie Geeks a lot lately. <3 I really like it.
If You Do by GOT7 another song I looove. Mixture of feels of being mad but hurt from the one you love not caring about you. GOT7 MAD album is so good & there's something about If You Do that just draws you in, especially that choreo haha
Let Me Know by BTS is heart tugger!! Like the vocals and overall feel of the song just brings up all the emotions~ I have to pause my life everytime it gets to the end of the song where Jimin hits that high note!! <3
It's You by Super Junior is another that brings out the feels just listening to it! Such a good song about that one person who you will always love even though your not together and may never be
Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang...this needs no explanation. ^^
Missing You by 2NE1.. This was the first 2NE1 I ever heard & I love the vocals and harmonies in it. I always want to sing along to this one. Even when you get past the true feeling of love, you can still miss them
it's you by super junior is one of my favorite songs!
as soon as I saw Got7 and BTS, I was hooked. x)
So much feels in one playlist! Also, I haven't listened to super junior "it's you" in such a long time!
Oh gosh let me know馃槶
@katiems i will!
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