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Celia Cruz was a Cuban singer, also known as the 'Queen of Salsa.' Cruz was born in Havana Cuba, and she lived from 1925 - 2003.
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Let's talk about Celia Cruz

What she contributed:

- She was one of the first women to make an large impact in a male-dominated music industry.
-In the 50s, she joined the group 'La Sonora Matancera,' which contributed Afrocuban music.
- Her salsa-genre albums with maestro Tito Puente penetrated the Anglo and European audiences.
- She was a very flamboyant artist, creating very lively concerts with her loud outfits, hair, and dance moves.
Here is Cruz performing one of her most famous, popular songs 'Quimbara.'
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She was phenomenal!!!
Que siempre descans茅 en paz la reina de salsa! 馃檱馃檹
my abulea has all her albums
The Queen of salsa!!!!
@amobigbang oh wow that's cool!