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Hashtag Challenge of the Week: #ROMCOM!

Valentines day is fast approaching, and so are a series of awesome looking RomComs to watch in theaters (if you are curious what they are you can check out @AlloBaber's card HERE).
So, now that all these new movies are out, I'm curious to hear what other post-2016 favorite Romantic Comedies. What better way to find out than posing the question in the Community talk?!

Here's how to do it!

1. Go to the Love & Relationship Community Talk

(or you can follow these instructions incase you aren't sure where that is!)

2. Write your favorite Romantic Comedy and WHY.

For example: My fav #ROMCOM is Love Actually, it also follows a variety of love/relationships, and it's really neat to see the different stories to come together. Anyone else love this movie?

3. Don't forget to include #ROMCOM

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone puts as their fav ROMCOMS!

Thanks to all those that participated @1FallenAngel and @BennachtOraibh :D I loved your movies!
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