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I've finally finished reading Naruto. Its been a wild ride but this story has helped me change my life in so many ways, and it will continue to help me for as long as I shall live. the ideaolgy I've learned will forever stay with me. I'm so thankful. Thanks for letting me share. I'm glad I have a place like this to talk about these stories I love so much. Comment below what your favorite life changing anime is! :)
I would have to say the anime that has changed my life the most, though it's not my favorite it just has had a lasting impact on me, would have to be Yu-Gi-Oh it showed me how to rely on my friends alot more and also be able to stand up for myself. also with the trading cards as a kid gave me a chance to interact with my friends in a new way. I also remember my Dad bought me a deck one time and then he bought himself one too so I would have someone to play with. I also just rewatched through it this past year because I never got the chance to finish it the first time
finishing Naruto was a huge moment for me. I loved this particular part of that.
not yet!! I will now lol @TristanBlackmon
hey you looking into naruto Gaiden yet ?
yup indeed
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