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All this thought about Great Detective Pikachu has made me think about all the ways Pikachu's character design has evolved over the years. I mean, we know that Pikachu is a yellow mouse with red cheeks and black spots on the tips of their ears but there's definitely been a lot of changes. Especially in terms of Detective P. Chu, that one wears a hat, drinks coffee, and smokes a pipe sometimes.
In this little timeline thing we can see how Pikachu's shape has changed over the course of 14 years. At first he was a little chubby guy and got more and more smile-y over the years. Also there's a green bandana. And that's super cute.
This graph though strictly shows Pikachu's changes within the video games. Again, more and more of their roundedness (does that make sense) went away and each redesign, Pikachu's mouth opens a little more. And in that case, I think that helps define what we like the think a Pikachu would be in real life. It adds a playful nature to the character and also more cuteness.
But over on Kotaku, they did a real analysis of all the changes that Pikachu had gone through. They look at several different designs of the character and point out all the changes from each one. It's kind of interesting to see how this character has shifted and changed over 20 years but still managed to be super cute.
What do you all think? How do you feel about all the changes that Pikachu went through over the past 20 years?
the first pikachu was very derpy
This is an awesome card! Brings back memories... I'm most familiar with the 2000 version, to me that's the original, but I love the one from 1995, so fat and chubby, too cute! When I play pokemon, I never let pikachu evolve into Raichu, am i the only one who does that?
@arnelli derp-a-chu might be my favorite hahaha
I prefer the Smash Bros Brawl version of Pikachu. I drew him, once, for my nephew from looking at the character art on the booklet that comes with the game. I guess I have just grown to love that version of him after staring at him for a while. Lol. I dunno where that one stands in these comparisons, though.
Pikachu is still adorable! But yes the change has been inevitable T.T
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