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B-free sese that BTS doesnt make real hiphop he was disrepecting Rap monster and suga saying all types of shit now i did some research and b-free is shit he doesnt make real hiphop ill explain why...
This is one of his songs listen to this.
Now listen to Rap Monster Im not being bias because im a Army im being real because Rap Monster is Clearly better at it then B-free And ill prove why you have to have crazy flow to be real hiphop . Rap monsters flow is pretty similar to Twista who is my Cousin .
1. Twista- Do or Die 2. Twista - Slow Jamz Ft. Kanye West and Jamie Foxx 3. Twista - Make a Movie Ft. Chris Brown Now hes real hiphop hes known as one of the fastest rappers and judging by flow Rapmonster is the best and if B-free is going to talk about real hiphop he needs to sit the fuck down because he obviously doesnt know what hes talking about biggie and tupac need to come back and fuck b-free up lol Thats all i gotta say :)
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OH My! That song was terrible. Especially the "Green Kawasaki" part. That part was painful. You're right. He needs to shut the fuck up! Rap Mon's raps are much quicker and far more intense then the crap B-Free is trying to spew. I'd like to see him try to take on Rap Monster in a rap battle. The God of Destruction would destroy B-Free and the last thing he'll hear is the mic drop.