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Hello nakama! It's Wednesday today, and as it is the daily theme of Waifu's, I thought I'd contribute for the first time my waifu of choice (even though I could consider I already have a wonderful "wife" of my own). And my choice would be...


From Spice & Wolf

Spice & Wolf is a very...orthodox anime. It has this warm and home-coming feeling yet intrigues on something mystical and familiar, being Gods and merchants! XD Holo herself is a Goddess, or a deity if you must (and an agnostic, apparently) and she bears the title to her full name of "Holo The Wise Wolf"! She's a caring and a very considerate deity, one who can account and think of many things from different angles and approaches, complimenting her already skilled and intelligent travel-partner and "fellow" merchant Kraft Lawrence. Yet, she has a matured childish side, one who contrasts her to the more serious and considerate Holo I (and many MANY other) know and love...
She makes her first appearance being naked on a field of straws and wheat, only there to be comforted and entertained by her own humble and caring attitude and her absolutely adorable wolf-tail (although it looks more like a fox, if you ask me...) And what does she do, other than form a contract with our merchant? She captures our hearts <3 Through her mature approach along with her adultish yet childish personality, and with her tail and ears :D
She's like...the most kawaii neko-girl there is!!!
I've seen many choosing quite "popular" girls to be their waifu's, like Megumi from Shokugeki no Souma (damn you @tbell2! She was mine!!! T.T). But I don't think anyone has chosen Holo yet, most understandably due to the anime being one that -although popular- rather likes to sit in the background and have itself a nice cup of tea while overlooking and caring for the others...:) Oh and...of course I recommend this anime. Again, it is a bit orthodox. You have been warned! Oh and...try this one out in English Dub. The voice of Brina Palencia (voicing Holo) is absolutely wonderful to listen to ;)

So, who's your waifu? Is it also Holo? :)

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@brandontearss ... ...that doesn't really help, tbh...
2 years ago·Reply
Yes yes and a thousand times YES! Though she is actually 3rd on my list. Kurumi from date a live (1.) and Nymph from Heavens lost property (2.) beat her out by just a little bit.
2 years ago·Reply
@VoidX good... Don't
2 years ago·Reply
shes so smart and childish love her
2 years ago·Reply
"who's an ass your an ass."
2 years ago·Reply