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This kdrama is of the romance genre. (I have a soft heart for romance.)
My characters character is: -- Kind Hearted/Honest -- Crazy/Silly -- Hardworking
My lead man is no other than Kim Soo Hyun (one of my top acting bias.) My lead woman is the beautiful Tiffany of Girls Generation
No drama is complete without a second lead....who is the AMAZING G-Dragon!
The lead man's best friend is Lee Min Ho (who is also my acting bias)
The story is with Tiffany being a rich rebellious girl who meets poor guy Kim Soo Hyun who's currently studying to be a lawyer. Kim Soo Hyun's best friend is Lee Min Ho. She also meets GD who is actually a rich guy pretending to be an average who has a steady job.
The title of my is going to be............After the Waterfall (first thing that came to mind. Its also the card title)
This is how I would this drama. *WARNING KINDA LENGHTY* Kim Soo Hyun and Tiffany decide to get married. Talking about when they'll get married they get into a car accident which causes Tiffany to lose her memory. Kim Soo Hyun felling bad and guilty tell GD that when he goes to see her to tell her that he (GD) is her fiancee (i think I misspelled it). GD asks why and Kim tells him that he is poor and because of him she is about to be disowned by her family and that he is the reason she la in the hospital. GD reluctantly agrees and plays as Tiffany's fiancee (I think I misspelled.) A year go by and the wedding is around the corner GD can't bear the fact of lying to his love, pretending to be someone else and tells her every thing. Tiffany regains her memory after GD's confession and finds out that Kim is leaving Korea to go to America to work at a top law firm in New York. Barely making it in time she catches Kim and tells him that she remembers everything and that no matter who hates or disowns me I'll still love you and I'll wait for you. Kim tells her that she won't have to wait and misses his plane and giving her a kiss. It ends with the two of them in a nice apartment eating ramen when Lee Min Ho walks in and ask Tiffany what month is the wedding and she says December. Lee Min Ho says it should be in August. The two argue as Kim watches and laughs.
So you're probably wondering what this is. I was tagged in this VERY interesting looking game where you make your own drama and as you read mine what did you think? You like it? You hate it? Any changes? Here's the link to the game:
SIGN ME UP. I would totally watch this!!!
So good!! Seriously these ideas need to be sent to the K drama writers for real!! ★★★★★