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My friend is REALLY good friends with this guy (who for a minute she thought he was flirting with him, that's another story). She learned that he has a girlfriend and all is well with their friendship.
BUT she still has feelings for him, doesn't want to sacrifice the friendship, but wants to get rid of the "butterflies" so to speak...

But the main question --How does someone get over an inappropriate crush?

Advice givers unite! (and anyone that wants to help!) @fikaocs @DamariusKelley @BigMitch @MilaMoreno @mattw6715 @QuintenTeague @TomasOlivares @SeoInHan
to the original coment ethan has the right idea of the situation
Oh weird @Melodicballoon that still kinda sucks that happened huh? I think you are right about losing feelings after they say they aren't interesting. it def helps me get over things!
Things got awkward after that and he stopped talking to me, but it was fine with me. He wasn't a loss to me ._.
I remember when I had a crush on a guy, but suddenly after I told him I liked him and he rejected me XD I lost all feelings for him. I guess I never did like him in that way and I was confused because I got over it right away ._. I don't even understand what happened and even my best friend told that I wasn't even sad or mad or whatever, but it was because I had no feelings for him anymore. It was a really weird experience and I haven't had a crush ever again .-. (Did it affect me? Idk) I just never talked to guys before so that crush meant nothing to me since I only knew him as a classmate
They have been friends for a while now, about six months. But I definitely wouldn't say BEST friends @EthanGinsberg so I guess it's hard to tell what she wants. I'm not sure if she feels comfortable reaching out about it...cause for her it's a little embarrassing. I think I might encourage her like you said @MeenakshiSundar and @LessThanThree to reach out and meet new people, to keep her mind off things.
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