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You are SO GUILTY!
You're guilty of getting in your own way, which always gets in the way of love!
What's wrong with you?!?!
Redbook, online, shared seven incredible insights as to why YOU CAN'T FIND LOVE:
You gotta love yourself before you can love others. Plain and simple. So, if you're under the false illusion that you somehow don't deserve love, then you will behave in ways that ensure love is stymied before it even begins! But if you truly want love, you have to come to terms with the fact that YOU DESERVE LOVE.
Men might suck. But not nearly as often as cops become corrupt. (More on that in another card.) Here's the deal: when you focus on the negative--all the horrible things about men--then you learn to identify only those attributes in men. All of a sudden, you find yourself surrounded by scoundrels. Instead, focus on what you love about men, the type of man you would like and deserve to have. You'll start to notice and eventually click with the right guy!
Change it up some. Nothing wrong with your personality type, wanting
Stuck in the past? Love is NOW, not yesterday. What ever is trapping you to the good ole days, is what's preventing you from living TODAY. Live in the moment. Take it all in. There's nothing wrong with reflecting on the past. That's nostalgia. Just don't dwell on the past. You can't unring a bell. Therefore, move forward.
So, basically, you're a plastic mess! I can say that because I actually got plastic surgery. But I am not opposed to being vulnerable. In fact, if you there's a difference between shielding yourself from shame and regret and refusing to engage others with your desires and wants.
Connections might seem mystical and hard to understand, the reality is, humans are meant to connect with each other. That's part of being human. The trick is to give your partner a chance. We've all heard that every relationship has problems. That also means that there is no perfect man or woman. Therefore, stop hitting the brakes on potential relationships because they don't fit your PERFECT ideal.
You can have the job and love and everything. You really can. But regardless of how big or small your plate is, YOU ARE THE ONE that ultimately decides what you put on that plate. There's room for plenty. You can keep going back and always grab more. But if you run your life by making decisions and choices that subvert relationships, what you are essentially saying, is that love isn't important to you.
Remember, we only do what is important. So when people say, Sorry, I didn't have time. That's simply not true. We all have the same time table. What we do during that time is what we value.

Are you guilty?!?!?!!?!?!? You know you are! What did you learn today?

Oh God I fall under every damn category in here! I need to re-evaluate my life...馃槯
I'm under the too busy also but even though my boyfriend whines I always give him hours on Sunday and he gets happy as a puppy. Need to make more room for him I guess
Usually mine falls under that "too busy to..."
@marshalledgar my cat just killed a lizard today, he's a hero! I need about 100 more of him around!
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