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@felicityautumn wrote a REALLY AWESOME CARD about her morning routine challenge (btw it's very active and productive!)

I don't have a seriously strict morning routine but I will share what I do on most days!

-I wake up at around 6ish
-I turn on my music right away
-Bathroom: do my business, wash my face, brush teeth
-Make a fresh pot of coffee
-Check emails
-Drink coffee
-Wait about 30 minutes then go to the gym
-Prepare and eat breakfast
-Head to work

How does your morning routine look like?

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@alywoah I'm already tired of just thinking about it, lol. I wake up about 5:15. Do my bathroom business. Make myself coffee. Spend quiet time for about 10-15 minutes. Then get my kids up at 6. Make them breakfast, pack they're lunch, get dressed and out the door by 7ish. To be at work by 7:30. Phew. I'm tired. Lol.
Wake up about 5:40 , and go to the gym and weight training for about 80 minutes and then I arrive home about 7:45 and eat breakfast, and have to be at work by 8:20 and stay until 8:30 pm and arrive home about 9:20 pm..and read book and write diary then go to sleep about's routine schedule ..ha..where is my life? ha...--;
I wake up at 5:30, check e-mails/messages, drink a smoothie and maybe grab an apple or banana, brush my teeth, hit the gym, drink my protein shake, take a shower, and go to work.
... i have no routine unfortunately. i am all sorts of messed up
I didn't see this one before...currently, my morning routine is: Wake up at 4 am, shower, get pajamas on, get his lunch ready, wake him up again, get my kids' school clothes together, make sure my husband is finally up and moving, get him out the door, go back to sleep for a little more than an hour, wake up at 6, get my older 3 up and ready for school, feed them, send them off, get my youngest up (if the spouse and kids haven't already), get'm ready, get dressed, watch the news, eat, and drink Orange juice. Then at 8:30, I take my youngest to daycare and head in to work.