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@felicityautumn wrote a REALLY AWESOME CARD about her morning routine challenge (btw it's very active and productive!)

I don't have a seriously strict morning routine but I will share what I do on most days!

-I wake up at around 6ish
-I turn on my music right away
-Bathroom: do my business, wash my face, brush teeth
-Make a fresh pot of coffee
-Check emails
-Drink coffee
-Wait about 30 minutes then go to the gym
-Prepare and eat breakfast
-Head to work

How does your morning routine look like?

Wake up about 5:40 , and go to the gym and weight training for about 80 minutes and then I arrive home about 7:45 and eat breakfast, and have to be at work by 8:20 and stay until 8:30 pm and arrive home about 9:20 pm..and read book and write diary then go to sleep about's routine schedule ..ha..where is my life? ha...--;
@alywoah I'm already tired of just thinking about it, lol. I wake up about 5:15. Do my bathroom business. Make myself coffee. Spend quiet time for about 10-15 minutes. Then get my kids up at 6. Make them breakfast, pack they're lunch, get dressed and out the door by 7ish. To be at work by 7:30. Phew. I'm tired. Lol.
... i have no routine unfortunately. i am all sorts of messed up
I wake up at 5:30, check e-mails/messages, drink a smoothie and maybe grab an apple or banana, brush my teeth, hit the gym, drink my protein shake, take a shower, and go to work.
Yesss I drink like a whole pot of coffee to get me going....i prolly need to change that part haha
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