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(the song is optional but its what I was listening to whrn I wrote it xD)
You watch as he smiles at her. They exchange glances. You let out a soft sigh. "Are you ok?" You hear a voice ask. "Yea." You reply as you look at Yoongi. You look again at his rectangle smile. "I know hes a nice guy... but sometimes I wish he knew when to stop. "You mumbled. "Hey~" Taehyung said as he hugged you. You watch as the girl disappeared through the studio doors. You smile at him holding back tears. "What's wrong?" He asks noticing your facial expression. "Nothing Im just tired." You lie. You felt like shouting, pulling your hair. He always did something like that with women especially pretty ones you never had the heart to confront him about it. Every time he smiled at you you felt like crying. Every time he complemented you you felt like crying. You missed it.. You missed him.. You hated how he got angry at you all the time. You hated how you knew a lot of his secrets he lied to you about. It killed you on the inside but you knew you couldn't confront him. "Y/N lets go watch a movie~" He said with a smile. You felt your face light up with happiness. "Okay!" You said happily. He watches as you get ready smiling at you and kissing your cheek. You hear his phone ring. "Ah Jimin." He said as he answered. "Oh really!?" He said excitedly. "Okay! Im on my way." He said as he hung up. "Y/N I'm sorry I'll take you to the movies tomorrow." He said as he kissed your cheek. You watch as he hurried out the front door. You looked into the mirror as you take a deep breath. "You always say that." You whisper as you look at the cute black dress you where wearing. Your face lit up as you thought of an idea. "I'll surprised him." You smile. You picked up your phone as you dialed Yoongi's number. "Hello?" He answered. "Yoongi oppa is Taehyung there?" You asked. "No Jimin and him just left." "Do you think you can help me surprise him?" you ask. You hear along pause "Do I get food out of this?" He joked. "Of course." You laugh. "Y/N." You hear Yoongi call as he holds a bowel. "This one?" he asks. "Perfect now just one more thing." You say as you hold up two girly aprons. "I have dignity!.... I'll take the purple one pink is to harsh one my skin tone." Yoongi says as he grabs the apron. You laugh at his response. "You still have swag." You say as you get out the flour. "What kind of cookies are we going to make?" He asks. "Sugar Cookies." You smiled. You look at Yoongi's blushing face. "That's what there called." You said as he bit his bottom lip in embarrassment. "Oh.. well thats to bad. " he said as he lifted a hand full of flour. "W-What are you doing?" You ask as he looks at you. He laughs as the flour flew from his hand landing on your face. You laugh as you threw two hands of flour back at him both landing on his face. "Hey hey hey I thought we where making cookies he said as he laughed. "We are." You said as you put the ingredients in a bowel. You waited as the cookies finished baking and prepared the Icing Yoongi smiled as he whiped some frosting on your cheek. "Hey!" You said as you whipped some on his nose. The two of you laughed as you whiped icing on eatch other. "You know you deserve to smile like this more." Yoongi said. the teo of you jumped as the front door opened. Taehyung looked at You and Yoongi both of you covered in flower and icing. "Taehyung~ We made you cookies!" You said happily as you rose the plate up. You froze as you noticed a small hickey on his neck. "You... how could you.." You said as you put down the plate of cookies. "Idiot." Yoongi said as he shook his head at Taehyung. You throw your apron on the floor as you ran out of the dorm room. "Y/N!!!." You hear Yoongi yell as he caught up to you. You look at the green haired boy you look at the apron he still had on. "Im sorry you wasted your time." You apologized. "What? No it wasn't a waist of time we had fun." Yoongi said as he put his hand on your shoulder. You wipe your tears. "How could he." You cry. "Don't cry Y/N.." Yoongi said as he hugged you. "He use to be so nice, he use to show me he loved me." You cry. "Dont cry..." Yoongi said as he held you tighter. Your phone rang you looked to see Taehyung's name and photo on the screen. Yoongi locked it. "Dont answer untill your thinking clearly." He said as he moved you're hair from your face. He smiled at you as he whipped you're ears. "Dont cry anymore."
I seriously got so emotional reading this and the song fits so well. I can't wait for the next chapter!!
Ouch that was kinda a clif hanger. Why you do dis to meh (ಥ_ಥ) it's really good btw tag me on the next one please
awwweee i want to know what happens next
WHY is this chapter so short it left me curious i wanna know what happens next please tag me in the next updates pleaseeeeeeee i really love this story but i hate it cause it left me wanting more but its sooooo interesting at the same time i just love it please tag me
OMG NO WHY... I knew it was coming oh my hearteu...😭😭😭
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