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Beast of all dogs, the one i call my pokemon and super saiyan, I couldnt have asked for a better dog. Pitbulls are amazing, loving and caring yet ferocious and aggresive. I want to show the world that pitts are not what people see them as, judge the owner not the animal!! Like, comment, and share if you know wassup.
Yes thats true, i think they gained their bad rep cause people are scared of their physical abilities. I believe u have to be able to handle them as well. They arent a pet for beginners in my opinion. But so worth training them. I love my dog, when hes not around at home i feel like something is missing
Definitely! Pits can be incredibly sweet and loving animals. It's only the ones that have been horribly mistreated that mistreat others in return
Its so sad how most of them cut their ears, its like a tradition now. I like em floppy lol
@Jasong659 sure. A lot of big dogs have similar strength though but pitts have been exploited and abused by dog fighters (and just bad owners) for a long time so people assume it's natural for them to be aggressive, but it's not the case at all