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This challenge was a few days ago and I was just really busy with work but I still wanted to do it. So here it is. I missed some questions just because Im not that into girl groups sorry.
The First YG Artist? Thats going to have to be Big Bang .Which Im glad it was because Im not sure if I would of been a big fan of YG, if it would of been some other group or soloist.
First YG KPOP Song? Gangnam Style by PSY. Yup first song I ever heard that was YG, never really loved it. It was alright, I prefer Its Art. I think I just didn't like hearing all day playing on the radio non stop lol
First YG KPOP M/V? Fantastic Baby By Big Bang. This was when I first was getting into kpop and it was one of the first few songs I heard.
Ultimate YG MALE group? Even though they just debuted Im going to have to say iKon. Big Bang will always have a place in my heart but I can't say I love every single one of their members.... Plus iKon are Monster Rookies for a reason they stole my heart. I don't care what people say they are my number one YG group.
TOP 3 favorite group (male or female, but can't choose your ultimate) In order: 1.Big bang of course I love all their songs and they always come up with great videos and relatable lyrics. 2.Akdong Musician They just have different style and I like it. 3 . Winner, I like their style and love their new song.
Favorite Top 5 solo artist? G-dragon, PSY, CL, TOP, and Taeyang
TOP 5 Favorite songs? 1 . Apology by iKon 2. Anthem by iKon 3. One of a kind by G-dragon 4. 200% by Akdong Musician 5. Baby Baby by Winner
TOP 5 favorite Music Videos? 1. Dumb and Dumber by iKon 2 . Crayon by G-dragon 3. Bae Bae by Big Bang 4. Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang 5.Daddy by PSY
Catchiest Song? This one is hard Im going to have to go with...Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang because of the affect that I always feel like dancing to it even if im in public and I like to sing along to it.
Ultimate Male bias? Kwon Ji-yong aka G-dragon aka my future husband. Just look at him no explanation needed to why he is my UB. He keeps trolling me....I try to stay away but I can't.... baby i love you! Can I please be Spongebob?
Bias Wrecker? Kim Han-bin aka B.I, when iKon debuted this boy right here didn't stay in his lane. Instead he just crashed my whole world and his voice not to mention his smile and uggh i better stop while I can
Best Male dancer? Taeyang, He just aggh i can't even explain it. His dancing is just amazing. He makes me wish I would dance that good! Sorry no best female dancer for I don't really follow many girl groups.
Best male vocalist? Taeyang. He has a voice of a GOD. Im not qualified to know a best female vocalist since I don't listen to many girl groups.
Best Male Rapper? I choose both G-dragon and TOP. You can't make me choose between them. I think they are both amazing rappers and I really can't pick one over the other sorry.
Best Female Rapper? CL.Im in the presence of a queen.
Best Male Leader? Im choosing G-dragon. He is not just a great leader but an amazing person and you can tell he really cares about his group members and its not just about money. I don't really know the girl groups so I cannot choose a female leader.
Here is my picture to show my love for YG family.Sorry my card was long, it was hard picking who to pick mostly songs and MV. But it was fun. Thanks to @BBxGD for tagging me in this challenge and sorry it took me long to make this card.