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Song Ah Ri is an Ulzzang (meaning best face in Korea).
She is a South Korean model who currently models for Hosishop.
She was born on May 9th 1987. (possibly 27 years old right now I don't know)
She has 3 tattoos: 1 on her back between her shoulders, 1 on both of her wrists which is a start and the other one is her birthday.
Can I just say this girl is very, very cute and pretty. You can easily tell she's gotten some work on her face and probably breasts too. Her legs are very long and her body is very slim and pretty!!
Do you guys know who she is?
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Wow, that's probably the most skinny that I've seen a girl before. What does she eat? How much does she eat daily? That's just incredible with how skinny she is, not that I don't want to be that skinny. I would at least like to keep some fat on my bones, but wow. Cudos to her on managing to achieving that, although I do have to question if what she's doing is healthy keeping that figure