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I'm obsessed with Haikyuu!! at the moment, well not the moment. But yeah!

Please comment down below your favroite character!

This list will include all the Karasuno team and a few of the Tokyo Teams (Aoba Johsai and Nekoma), but just the main characters in the anime really. Please feel free to comment a character not listed!

Kurasuno's #10 Hinata Shoyo

Middle Blocker, 1st year

Kurasuno's #9 Kageyama Tobio

Setter, 1st year

Kurasuno's #1 Daichi Suwamura

Captain, Wing spiker, Defense Specialist, 3rd Year

Kurasuno's #2 Sugawara Koshi

Vice Captain, Setter, 3rd Year

Kurasuno's #3 Asahi Azumane

Wing spiker, Ace, 3rd year

Kurasuno's #4 Nishinoya Yuu

Libero, 2nd year

Kurasuno's #5 Tanaka Ryunosuke

Wing spiker, 2nd year

Kurasuno's #11 Tsukishima Kei

Middle blocker, 1st year

Kurasuno's #12 Yamaguchi Tadashi

Middle blocker, pinch server, first year

Nekoma's #1 Kuroo Tetsuro

Captain, middle blocker, third year

Nekoma's #5 Kenma Kozume

Setter, second year

Aobajosai's #1 Oikawa Toru

Captain, setter, third year

Aobajosai's #4 Hajime Iwaizumi

Vice Captain, ace, wing spiker

If a character isn't listed above please still comment them! Your opinion matters regardless and I would live to hear it!

(I only have those characters based on the gifs I found lol) My personal favorites are Kenma Kozume, Kuroo Tetsuro, Sugawara Koshi, and Oikawa Toru
same im smol too 💖 @AshleyJewell
hinata is my hero.
But that's why he's awesome. @captainespe0n
Definitely Asahi. Rockin that man bun tho.
@captainespe0n No problem! And I agree with you, Kenma is just a precious cinnamon roll
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