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Whose Your Favorite Volley Ball Homo?
I'm obsessed with Haikyuu!! at the moment, well not the moment. But yeah!

Please comment down below your favroite character!

This list will include all the Karasuno team and a few of the Tokyo Teams (Aoba Johsai and Nekoma), but just the main characters in the anime really. Please feel free to comment a character not listed!

Kurasuno's #10 Hinata Shoyo

Middle Blocker, 1st year

Kurasuno's #9 Kageyama Tobio

Setter, 1st year

Kurasuno's #1 Daichi Suwamura

Captain, Wing spiker, Defense Specialist, 3rd Year

Kurasuno's #2 Sugawara Koshi

Vice Captain, Setter, 3rd Year

Kurasuno's #3 Asahi Azumane

Wing spiker, Ace, 3rd year

Kurasuno's #4 Nishinoya Yuu

Libero, 2nd year

Kurasuno's #5 Tanaka Ryunosuke

Wing spiker, 2nd year

Kurasuno's #11 Tsukishima Kei

Middle blocker, 1st year

Kurasuno's #12 Yamaguchi Tadashi

Middle blocker, pinch server, first year

Nekoma's #1 Kuroo Tetsuro

Captain, middle blocker, third year

Nekoma's #5 Kenma Kozume

Setter, second year

Aobajosai's #1 Oikawa Toru

Captain, setter, third year

Aobajosai's #4 Hajime Iwaizumi

Vice Captain, ace, wing spiker

If a character isn't listed above please still comment them! Your opinion matters regardless and I would live to hear it!

(I only have those characters based on the gifs I found lol) My personal favorites are Kenma Kozume, Kuroo Tetsuro, Sugawara Koshi, and Oikawa Toru
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Definitely Asahi. Rockin that man bun tho.
2 years ago·Reply
He's a giant bearded baby ♡ @lololauren15
2 years ago·Reply
But that's why he's awesome. @captainespe0n
2 years ago·Reply
hinata is my hero.
2 years ago·Reply
same im smol too 💖 @AshleyJewell
2 years ago·Reply