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One of my favorite songs in no particular order
Korean version This is actually the first song that got me into liking EXO
2nd Korean version
Chinese version
2nd Chinese version
I mean the choreo is awesome
They all looked so beautiful in their suits and their dyed hair makes me wish I could pull off all those colors and look good in each color...... Sehun Ehe
yes you Sehun I'm jealous ㅠㅠ
well that's all for today I would've had more GIFs but my Padre is home and he'd question me hope you guys liked it even though I didn't really get to add much today

Mah peoples

doing a Baekhyun card tomorrow

add your people if you think they'd like this card or any of my others ^^
love both these versions of this song, so much fun
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man I wish they were coming closer to the Carolinas and that I could go
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