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One Night, You woke up because of a horrible nightmare. You immediately sit up screaming your head off. "AHHHHH!!!!!!!" You yelled as you sit up.
You look over to your right and grab your phone, You see that it was 3:00am. You lay back in bed tiringly, thinking about your first day of school tomorrow. You stress out because you just hate school, but you're glad to see friends. You eventually fall asleep but you have to drastically get up again to get ready. You go walk over to your closet and pick out what to wear to impress everybody, especially the boys. You chose to wear a white T-Shirt with a printing, black jeans with pre-cut holes and cute ankle boots. You decided to let your hair down. You check the clock and see that it's 7:15 and school starts at 8:55. You grab your backpack and your SHINee headphones and head out of the door. You put on your headphones and put on some music.
On your way to school, You start bumping out to "My House", by 2PM because your a kpop fangirl-Duh... You can't help but start doing the choreography in the middle of your journey. Sooner or later you met your destination and you see that your phone says it's 7:35 so you have about a half an hour to see and greet people. You see your friend over in a group of people near the library. You walk over to see your friends and say hi to everybody but you see your best friend ever, Keilani, holding her notebook in one hand and her phone in the other.
"Hey, Keilani, How was your summer?" You asked her as you both embrace each other for a hug.
"Mine was amazing! I have to tell you all about it!!!!!", Keilani squeled as she smiles.
"Well tell me now! What happened?", You asked curiously.
"Okay so long story short, I got a boyfriend!!!! He is so nice, he treats me like a princess, he is cute, strong, smart and really talented!!!" She explained.
"Oh cool." You said as you frown a bit, "Does he go here?"
"He's attending this year and speaking of the devil, He's coming over here right now." She said as you see that she looks towards a different direction away from you. You see a tall- pretty looking figure past you, feeling a breeze pushing against your body. You look at Keilani kiss a boy as his arm is around her waist. She turns towards you as he looks at you.
"(Y/N), This is my lovely boyfriend, Bang Yongguk." She says as she introduces you both. "Babe, This is my bestfriend, (Y/N)." He looks at you with satisfying eyes as he puts out his hand.
"Nice to meet you, (Y/N), I hope we can be friends and get along." He says kindly as he shakes your hand.
"Nice to meet you too, Yongguk. I hope you don't mind me asking but how long have you 2 been dating?" You asked him couragously.
"I have been with Keilani for about 3 months and counting." He replies confidently. He looks at her with a smile as he gives her a peck kiss,
"Well, I'll see you later, (Y/N), Nice meeting you. " He says. "I'll see you after class, Beautiful." He whispers to her as they kiss each other. You look away somewhere else to avoid contact. He walks away to his class and she comes towards you with schedule in hand, "Hey, Who do you have for 2nd period?" She asked you.
"I have Mr. Park. What about you?" You asked.
"Same here, girl. Let's head to class."
"Alright... Also, Who does Yongguk have right now?" You asked her cautiously.
"Oh, He has Mrs. Lopez right now, So he's in history (EXO!!!!!!) right now." She told you suspiciously. "Why you ask?".
"Oh.... Nothing I was just wondering." You said. After you said that, You take out your math notebook and start to work on problems. You start to draw little clouds shaped as hearts.
"Yah!!! (Y/N)!!" Mr. Park said as he raised his voice. You immediately stop drawing and cover the drawing with your hands as you look up and the teacher.
"Yes, Mr. Park." You said as you blush because your embarrased.
"I asked you a question which was, What is the formula for Pythagoreon Theorem?" He repeats.
"Oh it's A squared + B squared = C squared" You said redundantly.
After about a hour, The bell rang as you and Keilani get out of the classroom and you and Keilani meet up with Yongguk in the hallway.
"Hey Beautiful." He says as he hugs her and kisses her passionately, But he notices that your standing their presence so he turns towards you as he holds her hand, saying,
"Hey (Y/N)..." He said shyly.
"Hi Yongguk...." You said back shyingly looking away. After about like a million light years, School is over for the day and you start heading home as soon as you hear the last bell ring, But you hear screaming behind you,
"(Y/N)!!!!!!" You heard someone yelled as you to turn around you felt a force pushing you back. You pull the animate object away from your body and you see that it was Keilani, As Yongguk is jogging towards you too. "Hey, Since I live on the other side of town, I can't show where Yongguk has to go and He lives like 2 blocks away from you, I was thinking that he can walk with you and you can show him the directions since he doesn't know where to go?" She explained by using hand gestures.
"He doesn't have a ride?" You asked annoyingly.
"Agh No." She said. You look at Yongguk and you see him smiling at you with a nod. "Alright, Come with me, Bye Keilani." You told him as you wave bye to Keilani. You see her winking at Keilani as he just waves bye, not being romantic.
"Something wrong?" You asked him curiously. He turns towards you as he giggles, smiles, then looks down, "Agh, Nothing." You see him looking at you with a puzzled expression on his face. "You can tell me, I won't tell anyone." You promised him. "If I tell you.... You won't tell anybody especially Keilani!" He responds as his hand lands on your shoulder, "I promise." You said back as you touch his hand back, He takes his hand off of you as he sighs, feeling guilty. "Okay, Of course I really like Keilani and I care about her..... But.... She is going to fast, like.... She is starting to say I love you and she wants us to do it soon but I don't cause I'm not ready for that yet.... Sorry to much?" He explained.
"Oh No, And I see where you're coming from...She just really likes you. Trust me.." You said. He smiles and blushes as he gives you a light, flirty push, Making you feel butterflies. You push him right back. Then sooner or later, You guys start to play fight with each other then he starts to tickle the crap out of you. you laugh your butt off as he picks you up bridal style and spins you in circles. He puts you down as you ask him, "How do you know I'm ticklish?". "Keilani told me things about you because she wants us to get to know each other so that we could become friends." You smile and look over to your left to see a house with a beautiful lawn. "Is this your house?" You asked him.
"Yeah, It is. Well I guess you have to be on your way." He assumes.
"Yeah..." You say awkwardly. You see him pull out a piece of paper and a pen, as he writes something, he gives the paper to you and you see that he wrote a number. "Here's my number, Let me know if you made it safely home." He tells you as he pats his hand onto your back. You look at him and smile at him as he returns the smile back. You see him wave at you as he unlocks the front door and walks into his home.
After about 5 minutes, You finally made it home and text Yongguk that you made it. He replies immediately by saying, "Thank God, I was getting worried." Which made you smile and made your night.
The feels..... I feel butterflies from this ahahaha.....
Should i feel bad about stealing my BFF's boyfriend?
Yay! Can I be tagged?
awe i love this!! sounds like s triangle!!!!
OH NOOOOOOO He's got a girlfriend!!! Siiigghhhh....... But this is soooo super cute, please keep tagging me!!!! <3
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