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Since two days ago I have not been an active fan of WINNER but that was before I watch all of their recent MV's which destroy my life mentally and physically. Since then I have been in the feels. I have found a bias but then it changed..right now I am stable but my mind is still racing.....I have to vent about WINNER for a little while so please bare with me

Current Bias: Taehyun/////Bias Wrecker: Mino

My current bias as of right now is Taehyun because he has made me feel things...His voice is like an angel's singing to me and I just can't get over how good he looks with blonde hair!! His solo MV "I'm Young" haven't help either
When I first found the group my bias was Mino for obvious reasons but once I heard Taehyun voice my brain couldn't stop thinking about him so yeah....
The process of picking a bias in this group has strained me emotionally but I'm glad I'm finally stable


So winner is doing an album doing like Big Bang's MADE album which I really like the idea of having parts of an album represented in letters. They have already realease Part E of the album. It included the songs "Baby Baby"(my favorite), "Sentimental", "Immature", Taehyun's Solo "I'm Young", and "Pricked" by Mino&Taehyun
I'm going to provide the whole Part E album


Winner sold me with this right here...they actually have a story in their MV's that connect each other which I'm a huge fan over!! THier songs Baby Baby and I'm Young were connceted which i like. If you haven't seen the MV's please go look at it, if you don't you will be deeply confused......If you have watched it then you know what I'm talking about. Here is what I got from both MV's.
So it starts in Baby Baby, You see them in the beggining presenting an award and then I guess they all split up after the award show to party. Taehyun and Seungyoon goes home while Jinwoo and Seunghoon goes party at a club..I think Mino is at home too(not sure). They're is alot of drinking so I guess they are trying to forget something. Taehyun is getting flashbacks of him with this girl which he used to be with before he get famous. Taehyun then drives to the airport and the MV ends right there
In I'm Young is where the drama starts with Taehyun. It starts with him driving in which he put a ring on his finger. He arrives at the girl from the Baby Baby. From what I can tell they were together before he got famous and then they broke up because the girl doesn't seem too happy to see him. The girl lets him in and they sit and just stare at each other( the girl makes a stupid comment about his hair >_>). I guess then Taehyun has memories of when they were together which shows how much in love they were but then it show Taehyun drinking and the girl being irritated which is probably why they broke up. He then drops the ring that was on his hand and the girl sees it and freaks out( I guess she shocked that he kept the ring she gave to him after all this time) and Taehyun goes to the bathroom and has another memory which shows him at a party and the girl talking with another man. He walks back to the girl and the girl wants to know why he is here in which he replies with nothing. She goes into a room where Taehyun laters join her and I guess the girl tries to resist him but fails miserably. WHile they are making out, we see a the man from Taehyun memory of the party walking up the stairs. Thankfully by the time he gets up there Taehyun gets into the closest and see the man kiss the girl. The dog(why doggie?) snitches on him but the girl distracts the man and I guess tell him that she's pregnant which is why he kiss the belly(during all this she is maintaing eye contact with Taehyun). Taehyun is obvioulsy heart broken by the fact that he is too late and that the girl has moved on. He leaves afterwards(don't know how he did it ) and it ends.
My question after all this is Whose baby is it? Is it Taehyun's or the man? That's just my brief synopsis of the situation
I really hope WINNER continues this story!!! They got me hooked and I need more lol! But on a serious note, the production was absolutely amazing. It really felt like I was watching a movie, it look so good!!
Sorry about this rant, I just had to get my feelings out!! WINNER is becoming a bias group very fast..I don't know how many of y'all want to read this but I'm tagging you anyway XD

Let Me Know If You're A Fan Of Winner!!!

@KpopQueenaBee My bias was Mino at first but Taehyun just stole that place so fast I couldn't do anything about it
Thanks..I think lol @Vay754
welcome to the inner circle mwauhahaha
I 馃挏 WINNER my favorite now is "Pricked "
@P1B2Bear I just got into them and if you do check them out let me know
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