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Even if you hadn’t recognized the voice instantly, you would have known you were in hot water just by the face Jimin was pulling. Well, at least she didn’t fan girl and scream or start crying; however, you are a little concerned that she just might pass out. Staring straight across at her, not daring to turn around you realize it’s up to you to respond, you nod approval. Jimin sort of looks like a fish, her mouth opening and closing with no sound.
As the chairs on either side of the table are pulled out, not just one hand, but two different hands land on each one of your shoulders. You glance up at poor Jimin who has become even paler and really looks like she is about to pass out. Her eyes keep moving from one hand to the other, then quizzically to your face. You aren’t sure if your face is white for fear of this relationship ending or if it’s beet red from embarrassment and fan girling. The hands on your shoulders stay there until you turn to acknowledge each of them; Namjoon on the right, Taehyung on the left.
“Welcome to Korea,” Namjoon says, dimples gracing the smile spreading across his face.
Before you can answer, the sound of chair legs scraping the floor divert your attention. Jimin hastily stands up and excuses herself to the restroom.
Taehyung gives a little laugh, “I think we frightened her away.”
Namjoon looks over his shoulder at her retreating back, “Ahhh, pity but she will return.”
Then two pair of brown eyes focus directly on you.
Namjoon squints a little like you’re in trouble, “You never responded to our texts, we got worried.”
Taehyung’s face moves closer as if you are under a microscope, “You don’t look so good.”
Exhaustion wins as a loud laugh erupts from you. Not only are you beyond tired but you now have confirmation that you look like crap by one of your heart throbs; every girls fantasy. You can’t stop laughing, tears now start to leak out of your eyes and down your face. Two different thumbs reach out and wipe away the tears.
“You still beautiful,” Taehyung says and looks over at Namjoon, “I said it wrong?”
This creates another round of laughter and tears as Namjoon simply nods.
You can see Jimin heading back to the table as you grab your napkin to cover your face. Once again Jimin appears shocked at the two hot idols sitting at your table. What? Didn’t she bring you here to see idols? An unattractive sound barks out of your mouth as you try to swallow another laugh. Namjoon and Taehyung had turned to greet Jimin; however, both are now staring at you like you’ve grown a unicorn horn. Deep breathes, counting, a unicorn horn, oh God you’ve hit the stage of giddy and aren’t sure if you can stop the giggles.
“Perhaps we should order? Food might do her good?” is suggested at the table.
You nod from behind the napkin, fear that lowering it and looking at them will start the giggles again. Wow, what a situation you never thought you’d be in, in your lifetime. Double wow, here is this situation and you are acting like a freaking nut, score one for awkward fan girls everywhere.
Namjoon and Taehyung each order a dish that can be shared by all, making it unnecessary for you to come out of your hiding place. Both were complete gentlemen, letting you hide and spent time talking to Jimin. When all the food was gone Jimin was a flattering shade of pink, aegyo turned on in full glory. You smile, your reactions when you first started talking to them online were no different, darn these idols and their male hotness. The guys ask if they can escort you back and for a moment you wonder who will be sitting in the front with Ken. The thought comes and goes as V climbs into the backseat first holding onto your hand. RM opens the front door for Jimin and then climbs into the back next to you. Jimin peeks over the seat and just smiles in your direction. Something must have been said in Korean about the situation as she is perfectly fine with it. In fact, she looks like the bird that just swallowed the canary.
When Ken pulls up in front of your hotel you bid him and Jimin a thank you and good night. You wait patiently for RM to let you out. Not only does he let you out, but V follows. They wave at the car and motion for you to go ahead of them into the hotel. Okayyy, your brain starts to freeze, are they walking you to your door? How would they get back to their dorm? Were they waiting until they got you alone to tell you how much of a disappointment you are in person and that your friendship is over since you didn’t tell them you were coming? Multiple painful, awkward, silly scenarios run through your mind as you all ride the elevator up to your room. So far, no one has spoken and that has your nerves on end more than anything else. Why don’t they just yell at you and get it over with? Oh, right, idols don’t yell, it would ruin their image. You start digging through your bag to find your key when V reaches over, plucks it out and swiftly opens the door.
You hesitantly walk past them, throwing your bag on the extra bed. You close the curtains and turn around to see both leaning against opposite walls watching you. This is it, time to come clean. Wringing your hands together you stare down at the floor trying to figure out how to start. Red converse suddenly appear in your vision and hands land on top of yours to stop the wringing. He guides you over to one of the beds and sits you down. He sits down next to you and Taehyung pulls over one of the table chairs.
“Are you guys really mad at me?”
Taehyung’s finger lifts your chin to look at him, “Why would we be mad?”
“Because I’m in Korea and I didn’t tell you I was coming.”
Namjoon grabs your chin turning it his direction, “Why didn’t you tell us?”
“I figured you would think I was creepy. I chat with you online and then show up in South Korea out of the blue. Sort of stalkerish don’t you think? But I’m here to work I promise – I’m not here to be creepy.”
You look between the faces that have now broken out into wide grins.
Namjoon laughs a little then clears his throat, “You are not a creeper Jagi. It is we who should apologize.”
Unable to figure out what is going on, your brain suddenly latches on to the word Namjoon just used. Jagi, did he just call you honey?
Taehyung bumps his leg into Namjoons, motioning for him to continue.
A sheepish smile, with a bit of red on his face, wait, is he embarrassed?
“We knew you were coming,” he looks up into your face, “who do you think came up with the idea for the job and referred you?”
You close your eyes as complete shock sets in and your brain scrambles to understand his words. They brought you here? They created a job to bring you? RM is calling you honey? Their texts were just as much a ruse as yours? You open your eyes to see Taehyung smiling broadly and nodding his head to what Namjoon has just said. They seem so … pleased… with themselves. Laughter starts to rumble up again as you slap a hand over your mouth and shake your head. This is all too much.
“I thought you guys would hate me. I was so worried that this trip meant an end to our friendship.”
“Never. Couldn’t,” Taehyung struggles to find the words in English that he wants, looking worried.
You smile and place your hand on his face to let him know that you understand. “I’m glad, thank you. Um, I haven’t slept much in the past 48 hours, I really need to get some sleep.”
It needs to be said but you really don’t want them to leave. All the fear and panic of the past 48 hours has just dissipated and all you can feel exhaustion.
“Yes, we agree,” they both nod at you, “we have fed you and now we will take you to bed.”
Your eyes fly wide open and your eyebrows shoot to the ceiling. Cough, “Excuse me?”
“Not right again?” Taehyung asks a laughing Namjoon.
“It could be,” he starts to say when your head swivels around to him, eyes even wider. “As much as that is an enticing thought… that is not what he meant.” His smile deepens as he slaps Taehyung on the back.
V just lowers his head while shaking it, “Engrish”.
Namjoon pulls you to your feet, puts your suitcase in your hand, “Go change into sleepwear, we will wait.”
These sly little boys!! lol😉
This is so cute. I didn't expect them to be the reason to be in Korea. V and his engrish is soooo cute!!!!!! I love it.😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳