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Let's all agree on the significant role the perfect Little Black Dress plays in our wardrobe. Right?! Finding the perfect LBD is like finding "the one." It may take years of searching, but when you find one that really fits you, you never let it go.
But LBD's aren't up for discussion today. Let's talk about her lesser-known (and just as amazing) little sister, the Little White Dress.

1. Play with the layers.

I can always pair my LWD w/ flannels // denim // or even a button down or lightweight turtleneck underneath a sleeveless white dress for more interest and warmth.

2. White on white

I often wear my LWD with a white blazer or white overcoat for an ultra-polished, all white look.

3. Dress it down

LWD's look just as great with sneakers as they do with strappy stilettos. Add a casual cotton tee underneath or over the top.

4. A bit of black

The combo of black and white never goes out of style. Switch up your white dress by sporting it with black and white oxfords, adding a black blazer, or a long black cardigan.
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these dresses are BEAUTIFUL
Seriously the LWD is a GAME CHANGER
@marshalledgar yeaaaa ikr ! I've ordered the 1st one last week, hope it reach my house soon ! cant wait to wear them. I like the 3rd one which is from Asos as well still figure it out whether to buy it >.<
@AlloBaber YESSS I've always favour white dresses more than black though ^^