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Being a fangirl is never an easy task. But being an international fan only makes it harder xD

Can you relate to these struggles?

Language Barrier

This is the main problem for fans all over the world. This is probably the biggest reason why people hate it, because they can't understand it. Even though we look past this it still gets a little annoying when you can't actually understand what the song is saying.

Financial Difficulties

Albums? Official Merchandise? Lightsticks? Concert Tickets? Fan Meets?
Now who says money can't buy you happiness? There is one thing that K-Pop fangirls need and we never have it. MONEY!!!!

Bias Will Never Know You

We can attend all their fanmeets, buy all their albums to help their sales or scream the loudest at a concert but we can only wish to be lucky enough for our bias to actually acknowledge us. We still try though!!!!


Fanwars, another typical problem in the K-Pop fandom, where its fandom vs fandom, and is caused mostly by immature fans over petty stuff. *sigh* I've only been in the K-Pop world for a short while and I'm not sure I feel the love...

Being Judged

Loving another country's music is rarely welcomed in other's countries, especially when that music is something they don't understand. People tend to judge you, making jokes or making fun of you. This is the most scary thing that happens to every K-Pop fangirl. Which is stupid.
Despite these struggles that us fangirls have to face daily we still continue doing what we like and enjoy it.

I'm proud to be a fangirl, and an international one too!!! ^.^

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@drummergirl691 I don't mind.. I am from Guyana
I feel this pain all the time but I don't stop listening lol After I found out Spotify has its own Kpop section I was so excited and jumping around like a maniac! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I just I was one of the ones that helped. I searched for kpop artists before they even put it I sent them word about adding it.
@xxMollxx Damn! no wonder. If they're ever in Puerto Rico, hopefully you'll be able to catch a flight out. And here I was complaining about living in fly over country.
It's so accurate it's piercing my soul.
there all accurate accept the fandom wars for me