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No filters.
No photoshop.
No special effects.
Just a little bit of plastic surgery!
Take a look at my 12 Day Post-Op status update!

My procedures:

* Rhinoplasty -- This was to fix my hump, straighten it and adjust the tip.
* Chin implant -- This was to give frontal protrusion so it aligned with my face.
* Restylane fillers --Lower Eye/Cheek area, to give it fullness and youthful appearance.
* Radiesse fillers --Back Jaw area, to give it fullness and more structure.
Today, Dr. Lamperti took out my stitches, took out my stints, and took pictures. This guy knows his stuff. I can honestly say that I have NO REGRETS about going under the knife. I am happy with the results.
I will be going back in four weeks for more photos and follow-up. My hope is that the numbness and internal soreness goes away in the next few months. It's supposed to be normalized within 12 months. Nose jobs are one of those cosmetic surgeries that have delayed gratification. Nothing instant about it. LOL

Have you thought about plastic surgery?

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You look incredible! I'm all for things that make people feel happier! I'm glad that you ended up doing so well! I've thought about it more than a few times. I'd love to look totally different! hahah but alas, no money! lol Im glad you're recovering so nicely :))) a few seconds ago
@marshalledgar, I'm not going to lie to you, I'm lmao right this second. You are adorable. 馃槏馃構 He had to keep it from collapsing. I thought you knew!! 馃挏馃槀
We talked about it, but honestly, I wasn't really listening. LOL @ButterflyBlu Thanks! Hey @TessStevens--yeah, the healing has come along really nicely. I'm totally thrilled
honestly I don't get it
what don't you get @Jaygm77 馃榿 I can explain in more detail if you'd like