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(I'm sorry if you don't like swearing)

Do these boys look hot as fuck as vampires. Like it didn't occur to me about looking up Exo vampire edits until I read a fanfic about Baek being a vampire. I honestly don't remember how I ended up there but I did. Story link:
Kris looks like he's piercing into the depths of my (and your) soul....
◕‿◕ Hannie, red eyes look good on you
Is everyone still alive? Minnie Oppa, don't kill anyone yet, the cards not over.
Cute panda into sexy vampire panda
Jongdae, your not supposed to get me the feels, your supposed to give my sister the feels
Are you all still here? I hope so only a few more to go
Okay, I needa turn on the AC or lay outside after this...
Kai.... Stop😩
I'm supposed to be loyal to Sehunnie, stop 😫
(ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┸━┸ Sehunnie wae? I really need to go lay down outside now.... 😅
I was thinking, maybe I should make my own fanfic thing based on these pictures. Also I would've added Suho, but there wasn't really any pictures like this of him.
Holy mother of In my opinion I haven't seen one Asian who doesn't kill the vampire look....but that's me
omalawd!!! 😍😍😍😍😍👑💖
oml this killed mae!!!!😲😍
@ninjamidori I'll be sure to tag you when I upload it 😊
OMFG WOW *^* also, if you make a fanfic, I'll totally read it!! Tag me in it!!!! 💛💛
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