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**WARNING You may cry and die today.** "I knew who you was before we even got together. it was fun dating you and being next to you. And yea I actually did fall for you. But then you go off and fuck this blood sucker." Your ex boyfriend said pointing at Mystery boy.
You watch as your ex boyfriend take y mystery boy away. You saw how bloody he was. You could tell how weak he is. You try to get up and help him but then your ex comes and injected you with something. You start to feel your heart slow down, you could feel sleepy. Your eyes become blurry, you are watching them take your lover away. You finally feel what ever drug that he gave you. You start to black out all you could hear was mystery boy yell your name. "Y/N!!!! Y/N!!" He said as you black out. Your ex was holding you as you was falling asleep. "Don't worry baby the medicine will help with the pain." He said. You try to take up but your body and eyes wouldn't let you. You could feel your body being carried. As you fall asleep your ears was hearing everything. You heard a car door open and you felt some body grab you. "Be careful she is carry my child." You heard you ex boyfriend say. "Your child? but I thought it was the vampires baby?" another guy said. "Yea it's is but he is going be dead before the baby is born. Plus I'm marry her and make her be my wife no matter. I don't care what the said." You heard most of what they said and you couldn't make out what it means. Then your hold body went out.
You wake up to the sound if water dripping. You try to look around but all you could see was black. You realize that you was blind folded. You start to panic, then your start to hear foot steps coming closer to you. You feel something tight around your ankle and wrist. You try to break free but it's hurts as you try. "Don't worry sweetie I won't hurt you." A voice said. Then your blind fold comes off your face and the first thing you see is mystery boy. You call out to him. "Mystery boy!! wake up!" You yelled. "Sorry sweetie he can't hear you right now to much silver in his blood." The voice said. You see a IV in his arm. You look up and see your ex boyfriend. "Why are you doing this? Is it because I hurt you? I'm sorry that I did that to you." You said to him. "No sweetie it's not that sweetie it's the baby in your stomach." He said. "My baby? What does my baby got to do with this. "Don't worry you'll know soon." He said then gave you a kiss. Some if your ex Boyfriend members can and took out the IV from mystery boy are. "Wait up sleepy ahead your girl is here to see you." He said to him. Mystery boy open his eyes and all you saw was redness in his eyes. He looked at you and his red eyes and his fangs. You could tell he was hungry. "I'm show you what a vampire really is." Your ex said. He snap his fingers and some of his guys came and brought a girl in. She was young, she looks scared and crying. They say her in front of mystery boy. "What are you going to do to her?" You ask him. "Just watch and see." He said. They ripped the girl shirt and cut her on her neck. It wasn't to deep to kill her but deep enough to make her bleed. You could see how mystery boy looked at her and smelled her blood. He launch at her, she scream and kicked him. He pinned her down then he put his fangs into her neck. You close your eyes as you saw him feed. You could hear the girl scream until she stop. You open your eyes and saw the light goes out her eyes. "Why would you do that to her!?" Your ex boyfriend looked at you and smiled. "Because it's that's who he is." He smiled and watch mystery boy kill the girl.
**Note sorry don't have to many vampires picks of BTS.** Mystery boy left his head from the dead girl throat. He was breathing heavy. You could see the blood coming down his face. He looked at you, at first all you was hunger in his eyes but then you saw saddens. You could see the blood tears come down his face. He looked down at the girl deadliest body. He held her in his arms and cried. "Why did you make me kill this girl?" Mystery boy cried. "Because I want her to see what you truly are." He said laughing. "I know what he is!!" You yelled. "I knew what he was when he showed me!!" you cried. "Yes you did but I know what you are?" He said pointing at you. "I knew who you was before we even got together. it was fun dating you and being next to you. And yea I actually did fall for you. But then you go off and fuck this blood sucker." Your ex boyfriend said pointing at Mystery boy. "Okay I fucked him but what you mean what I am." You said scared. He laughed at you. "Sweetie have you ever wonder how you fell for him? It's was because you love him. Well maybe it was. But it was because he was drawn to you." He said. You look at mystery boy. Then at your ex boyfriend. "What you mean drawn to me? I'm a human!!" you yelled. "No sweetie your not and never was. Your a different kind of supernatural creature that vampires loves to fuck and mate with." He said. " What I am a werewolf?" You said. "Nope your powerful than that. And your not a vampire either." He said. "The What the hell am I?" you said. "Don't worry I'll show what you are." Your ex said. He snap his fingers, a young man came out with a fire torch. He aim it at mystery boy then let the fire torch him. You heard mystery boy scream as he is getting burned alive. You turned your head but he came and made you watch as mystery boy burned. "No!! No!! Please don't!!" You cried. You watch as his body turned to ashes. He untied you and you fell to the around and looked at ashes. "Oh don't worry sweetie he will be okay." Your ex boyfriend said
SHIT IS HE DEAD? Omo what is going on? I hope he alright? @@amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @emealia @BBxGD @PrettieeEmm @AmoBigBang @yaya12 @VIPFreak2NE1 @ninjamidor @Orihemay @luna1171 @QueenLee @merryjayne13 @Drummergirl691 @KwonOfAKind
I do wonder this new type of beast she is. @DeniseiaGardner
@DeniseiaGardner awsommmeee!!! even though he died. xD. but the story was great
@BBxGD boo
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